Liteon LVW5045GD - about to send back to Comet - Pls Help

hi all. I’ve tried the search engine on this forum but it crashes for me when I use more than one word, so appologies if these are repeated problems.

  1. I’ve had my liteon since May, and have until now never needed to record or copy onto DVD from the player, usually I just use the hard drive then delete when finished. Recently I copied a DV camera onto the player, and now want to burn it to DVD. I have tried using the DVD+RW that came with the player, but when I press copy, it says there is no recordable disc in the player. So I went out and bought some half decent DVD+R’s and when I put them in they spin like crazy for 30 seconds like its going to take off, then either eject or when I press copy I get the same message as before! DVD-R gives much the same result. This is frustrating so if anyone can help before I return/bin the player it would be appreciated.

  2. Sometimes when I have transferred avi files to the player, they come across full size (i.e. 1h30). Then I may be watchign the avi, pause it, rewind a bit, and then hey presto, the avi shows up as being like 3 minutes. This has happened a number of times, and even to files I haven’t watched yet. Almost like using files around it causes it to corrupt and shorten.

Sorry for all the babble. For interest, I have not reformatted or defragged by player to date.


Will it read any media - what is it like with pre-recorded DVDs? What about burnt CD-Rs and CD-RWs with music files or pictures on?

If it won’t read anything then it sounds as though the drive is goosed - if you return it to Comet they might replace it which will mean that you lose all of your recordings on the HDD. If you contact LiteOn direct and return it for repair then they will probably replace the drive and leave your files intact.

Try the forum at for more help and guidance on returns - look for posts by biddenden_sue.


thanks for the reply. I should have said about the rest of the functionality. The player will play any disc whether it be CD or DVD + or - if I created them on my PC, that goes for avi’s or created dvd’s. So the lazer seems to be functioning. I can also, as i regularly do because of the excessive disc spinning noise, copy the cd or dvd straight to the hard drive with no problems.

Hi, The exact problems you described are supposed to occur only after 150 recordings. That is how long this drive will last. It is very strange that you have these issues straight out of the box.

My advice: call Lite-on who will replace the internal drive with, I suppose, a similar dubious model, but you may get a year out of it depending on the number of recordings you want to make.

Note: I already replaced the internal unit with the latest Lite-on dvd ram double layer unit, which works ok so far. E.g. for recording, but not for playing. So I used the Liteon for recording and a Toshiba DVD player for playing.

Good luck.