LiteOn LVW5006 Problems



Bought a 5006 from Radio Shack the other day and have noticed a few problems:

  1. Timer recording using “Daily” (other choices are “Once” and “Weekly”) records 7 days out of the week rather than the expected M-F.

  2. Mono tuner was too loud and emitted a hum. I upgraded the firmware and the tuner is no longer too loud but it still emits hum. I realize I can jack in a VCR and use its tuner but who wants to program 2 machines.

  3. As has been noted by others, the front jacks are noisy.

If anyone has any solutions to the problems (especially #1 and #2) please advise. I’d like to keep the machine for its great versatility but not if the downsides are unsolvable.




The timer as per others reporting does all seven days. The tuner does produce a hum. My front input and rear A/V inputs are not noisy. I would say at this time #1 and 2 are unsolvable. You might try a better cable for the A/V to see if that helps.


Last thing I heard, the '06 doesn’t have a mono tuner. It has a stereo tuner.

It was the 5005 where the TV tuner was mono sound only.


Where did you hear that the tuner was stereo? I compared my Philips dvdr75 with the 5006 using a transmitted stereo signal (PBS). The Philips had a stereo presentation while the 5006 was mono.