Liteon LVW5006 Component out issue - please help

I have an issue with component out from Liteon 5006 to my new 32" Hyundai Q321 HD Ready LCD.

Have brand spangly new component video leads connected to the Q321 and corresponding twin (L+R) audio lead to drive the sound.
When I change input source on the TV to component I get the audio but no video just the black screen of death and a “no signal” flashing up now and then. This happens on both of the available Q321’s component connectors.

The DVD writer manual indicates I should not have any other output lead connected to it - which I have verified - just a scart in.

Any ideas - is it likely that the liteon is not syncing the same as the Q321 or am I missing something here??

Any help appreciated.

hmmm… Maybe the TV is expecting a progressive scan signal? Try setting your DVD player to progressive scan (See Owners manual) and let us know what heppens.