Liteon LVW5005 hack not working

Downloaded the latest firmware (LNFA1101.eso) and the hacking tool, when I try to record my VHS movies it still tells me there is protection and I can’t record them. HELP

SJB, I am in the same place. I have had good results transfering VHS to DVD with my new 5005. Now ready to solve the MV block. Liteon site gave me the latest firmware for my SN, LNFA1101.ESO, that I hacked with ILOHack1.5. Ran the restore on the 5005 and confirmed that the 3 hour fix was in and that the all regions were available. But like you, I could not burn MV protected material. So I did try to downgrade to 1098 with no success. Just showed FILE and reverted back to the previous firmware. Has anyone else had any luck hacking and running LNFA1101.ESO? Or, getting a downgrade to a hackable firmware version to work on a 5005. My unit was mfg Oct 2005 with SN 0102-1140-0101-G2BD (100-010B). Would appreciate any help.

I have the same unit as you! This is my 3rd (RMA’d) unit I just got back from Liteon. I’m fairly good on this stuff and I’ve tried every possible way to downgrade and it won’t work! I did get 3hr. & free region. Haven’t tired MV because eveybody else has! All that changed on my S/N is: (000-010B). I opened my box up and I have the LSI chip not the mediatek like the older 5005’s.

I’ve hacked my lvw5005 and am coping any VHS I want

I have a friend with the Lite-on lvw1105hc model and am not having much luck finding a hack for him anyone got one

Seems the best fix is to apply the hack to 098 firmware. Rename the file to a current 1101 filename and update. Guitarman’s site has the files. Some have had to do the extra step of downgrading to stock 098 f/w first.

Could you provide a link to guitarman’s site? I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks.