Liteon LVW5005 Dvd Player

I have the Liteon LVW5005 Dvd Player
Its about 3 years old and has not been used very often.
The problem I now have is that after recording from the tv, the disc/drive is stuck and will not eject. :sad:

I have tried unplugging & turning power off - no help.
In the window it just says hello or gives you the time

Can any one help please



Hi jonnouk and welcome to CDFreaks. Moved this thread to the Lite On DVD Recorder and Player forum where hopefully you will get some help.:slight_smile:

try opening the 5005 case disconnection the drive cables moving the case next to you PC connect the 5005 drive to the PC and ejecting the disc using your PC. If the drive opens then snap off the drive door so you cane replace the drive if needed.

I will do that tomorrow. (attach dvd drive to my PC), i take it you mean right lick on the dvd drive then eject via “My Computer”

The motors sound like it’s trying to open, it struggles for about 5-10 seconds to open, then just gives up.

I joined this forum to look for the answer to this question. Has been a very informative forum. I also have a lite on lvw-5005 and the disc would not eject.

I finally opened the case and took the top off of the drive (ddw-813s) and I found that the portion of the spindle that the disc sits on was very sticky. It would not let go of the disc. when i finally pried the disc off there was even a residue left on the disc.

Has anyone heard of this, and what can be done.

Considering ordering new drive.

Thanks for all the info.

Order a new drive, use quality media.