Liteon lvw5001 HELP



can anyone help please have a liteon lvw5001 and just cant seem to get it set up with my tv and digital box can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong


I think u should go to “Stand Alone” part of This forum :S


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How are you attempting to set it up? There are many different possibilities also depending on where you are. If you are in the U.S. then scart is not an issue. I have mine setup as follows.

1). Cable coax connects to the “in” of my combo VCR/DVD player (you could substitute cable box).

2). VCR RCA composite outputs (yellow for video and red and white for audio) connect to corrresponding RCA composite “inputs” on the rear of my LVW 5005 (AV-2 I believe).

3). DVD s-video output connects to s-video input of LVW-5005.

With the above I can:
A). Record from DVD to 5005 via s-video or
B). Record from VHS to 5005 via composite or
C). Record from Cable via my VHS stereo tuner to 5005. Note, I do not use the tuner on my 5005. (it stinks anyway)