Liteon LVW1101 problem

I hope I’m posting in the correct forum. If any one could help-PLEASE DO!! I received a LiteOn LVW1101HC1 jan '06. Did not use it for a while because of connection problems but after a few months tried again (extremely new to this). It recorded fine at first but then would not recognize any discs but cd’s so I had to RMA it. They just sent back a LVW1101 a few months older than the one I sent in. It seemed to work fine at first but now it won’t recognize dvd+r’s (memorex) that I put in. It even has problems recognizing the DVD+RW’s it recorded on not long ago. I just want this thing to start working reliably. I’ve recorded a massive total of 5 to 6 dvd’s so I’m not abusing the thing. It seems to be a glorified paperweight.

Upgrade the firmware. from liteon webpage

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