LiteOn LVW Replacement delivered by UPS, left outside in COLD!

I am wondering if anyone can answer a question. I just had today my replacement for a bad 5005 delivered to my house. I had told UPS not to deliver it at my house and I would pick up UPS tomorrow. The 5005 was left outside, by my back door for over 6 hours in freezing temperatures, even though I told them not to deliver. When I brought it inside and opened it, it had condensation, from the cold. I didn’t turn it on yet. I was going to wait until later today. The question I have, is the unit ruined? Should I call UPS tomorrow and find out why they delivered it and what they will do or do I call LiteOn and ask them what to do? I am stumped at what to do. Once it drys out will it be OK, or is it ruined? Even if it seems fine, should I take a chance. What do you think?

By the way I live in the United States, in freezing Connecticut.


By the way:
I have had timer problems, audio syncing problems and overall recording problems when recording television shows using the 5005. I own two 5005, and both have had problems.

Let it dry out completely and warm up. It SHOULD be OK as long as it’s dry and warm before you turn it on for the first time. I used to repair TV’s in my spare time and they would sit in a cold garage all winter. If I turned one on right after bringing it in sometimes it would arc across the high voltage cap on the back of the tube and things like that, but if I let it warm up and dry out the set would work normally. Sometimes to speed it up I’d pull the back and run a hair dryer on low to dry em out.

Me, I would go to down to UPS tomorrow and pick it up. :eek:
I never received it but I’ve had a lot of problems with the PUS man so I say puckem. :bigsmile:

:cop: If it was me, I’d go down to UPS and say I came for my package. When they say they delivered it, just ask them where and to who, ask for a signature receipt. Let them know there was no one there and that you said for them to hold and you will pick up the package. Let them eat the cost. After that call Liteon an say you never got the thing. UPS should know better. This sounds like something Fedex would do. :cool:

UPS should have done what you said, but between the repair depot, and how many docks, and cold trucks, cargo holds, between there and CT (I’m here too, and the snow/cold is getting ridiculous), I’m sure it saw bitter cold before the delivery…let it dry out for several hours and should be fine… now whether they fixed your issues or not…Liteon in the standalone market has its pro’s, but the QA compared to big players, just isn’t there yet…

Do what PCguy and Texan said to do!!
Go down to the UPS office and say you want your package! File the claim for the lost package and tell them on the next shipment that you want to HAVE to sign for it! After you get back from UPS call LiteOn and tell them you never received it and to contact UPS for the case# and details! This way you’ll get the 2 for 1 special! :iagree: :wink:
Hopefully the frozen one will work. I think I’d open the case and let it dry out or use a blow-dryer on low heat/fast speed or no heat.
Good luck! BTW…it does work to claim you never received it…I had a friend once… :bigsmile:

file a damage claim to UPS

:slight_smile: :iagree: :bigsmile: ooh,thats a bit naughty :iagree: :iagree:

I agree with larry3030cd. Mine came last week, it was left outside overnight by UPS. I let the unit sit out 24 hours to aclimate to inside temperature and humidity. I’ve recorded several VHS tapes to DVD since then and it works great.

Think about it a tractor trailer load of these coming across the country aren’t heated and lets not forget the boats that bring them in.

to robbie-uk, pc-guy, and raised grain…thanks for the support, I think we got to be reasonable, if not consumers looking for the best bang for our buck…s*** happens, and a delivery outside(besides aggravating), is not the end of the world…now if left out in the rain, ect…thats different, and I would be banging down the delivery door too! -

Then put the first one on ebay :bigsmile:

If UPS was instructed not to deliver that package to the house, UPS should be addressed with that issue. I totally agree with others as to cold storage of electronic equipment. It does not harm it in any way if acclamated properly. Discussing the fact of claiming not to receive the merchandise in a public forum is a little brassy. Call me fickle, but that is my view.
Regard’s; Pop’s

madmax has the right idea !. They are supposed to get signatures, 2 5005’s for the price of one !

I say puck the :Z PUS company. One place I worked for shipped cell phones all across the us and let me tell you PUS screwed up more stuff. We ship a package insured for $5000 full of cell phones from NY to California well some where in between the package ended up under water. :eek: Well you know it took well over 18 months for them to pay and by the time it was done they paid less than what it was insured for. :a Thats only one they had a quite few. Never mind try to get them to hold up to their money-back guarantee about next day shipping on time or its free see what they tell you when its a big dollar amount. Thats a joke! So my golden rule is Puck them cause I know they already did it to me!!! :bigsmile:

Right on PC-GUY! I agree 110%!!! UPS last F**Kd me on Xmas eve. I’d orderd a new Sony 710 dual layer 16X DVD burner from Tiger-Direct and they shipped on time but UPS didn’t stand up to their on time BS! The nice folks at Tiger did refund me the diff between ground and 2nd day. I was shocked! Squeeky wheels get the grease! Any time you can get over on them (UPS,FedEx, DHL) I say DO IT! They have it coming!