LiteOn LVW-5XXX firmwares

Does anybody have or know where I can get .bin f/w’s for these standalone recorders. We have a guy in the Standalone forum that needs one for his US LVW-5005 with a ddw-813s drive in it that got fubared during a f/w update. I’ve run LTNfw on my 5005 and backed up my firmware but I have a ddw-451s drive in mine and can’t help him.

this any good??

Thanks for the reply but their the stock firmwares from liteon. A buddy had a bad flash and needs a .bin to try and use it to flash and resurrect a dead drive using his PC and the firmware flasher for Liteons. And the old xflash thing won’t extract the binary from it cause liteon keeps changing the algorithm.

What model is the drive used inside the LVW?

I don’t know much (anything) about the LiteOn standalones… see this forum:

ddw-813s.I just updated a post in the LiteOn forum “Tool Collection and the LVW-5005” about what we are trying to do.

Thanks for the reply!

Edit - I’m very familiar with the standalone forum. We’re just trying out the LiteOn tools so hopefully they help us.

Edit again - changed the name of forum where related post is.

Ah, okay. Sorry, I didn’t know…

(BTW, regarding XFX… XFX was designed to handle LiteOn’s Windows-based flashers and is very specific to them, so it can’t handle anything else beyond that. I also peeked at what an official LiteOn LVW updater looks like, and I can’t make heads or tails of it, so it’s unlikely that there will be any sort of extractor like XFX for the LVW flashers…)

The firmware.exe work to extract a .bin from the guys 813s and my 451s. Just nobody has tried to reflash using it until now. Hopefully it works. As I menti0oned in my other post Omnipatcher worked on my .bin 451s f/w to extract the supported media table from it. I got my fingers crossed and hopefully it works. I was gonna try it on my 451s but didn’t wanna be the first :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and great PC based LiteOn Utilities.

@code65536 About the XFX I knew it was for the .exe firmware updates. The LVW f/w right now has .es5 so I changed the extension to .exe just to give it a shot.

If we could just find out if the extracted .bin files we get from firmware.exe will flash back to the ddw drives ok, then yippeeeee experimenting time :slight_smile: As I mentioned in the other post I have used the eeprom tool to back up my eeprom, the firmware tool to backup my f/w and omnipatcher to extract the media table from my ddw-451s. The media table looked good but I have no idea what the f/w’s are supposed to look like and how big they are supposed to be. Same thing with the eeprom.

For anybody that needs a LVW-5XXX ddw-813s burner .bin firmware I just sent it to yousendit for another user that needed it. It’ll be there a week and a limited number of downloads. here is the link.