LiteOn LVW 5045GDL+ Tuner Not working in North America

My first post although I have read a lot of these posts on this site.

I need a little help,
I live in Canada and have a LiteOn LVW 5045DGL+ which I got in Europe. I also have a multisystem Plasma and all run through a home theatre with component throughout.

My Plasma does not have a tuner and so I want to use the LiteOn, DVDs play fine but my cable signal displays as though it is scrambled. I am not running the RF signal to the TV but RF in to the LiteOn and component out to the receiver and component to the TV.
I do get a cable signal but as I said it’s like it’s scrambled some clearer than others. I also have the ability to change the frequency per channel but it seems to make no difference. Now I know this particular model can not output NTSC but I cant see this as being the issue so I’m guessing it’s a frequency issue.

So I guess I’m looking for conformation and hopefully a workaround.
In any case thanks for looking

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Unfortunately, I can confirm that a Lite-On DVD recorder purchased in Europe (any model) will not tune in NTSC broadcasting, whether from cable or over the air. Even if you were to hook up an external receiver to tune in Cable, Satellite TV, etc. I don’t think there is any easy way of being able to record this on your DVD recorder as the recorder is only designed to record PAL content. For example, if you were to try to record from an NTSC source connected to its AV inputs, it will display an error saying that it’s the wrong signal. :doh:

According to someone else’s info, the Recorder is capable of recording another signal type from its AV inputs (excluding the RF) only if the recording starts before the external source is connected up, however this is still impractical as you will not be able to set up timers and having to disconnect an external source each time your plan to make a recording will be impractical. NTSC Cable and over the air transmissions use a completely different and incomaptible signalling system to PAL. See this link for more info.

As PAL to NTSC conversion boxes are either of poor quality or very expensive, I am not sure if there is any way of making any practical use out of the recording features.

why doesn’t Lite-on America make it easy on all of use and just release this model in the US? I wrote them 2 months ago and they said they’ll releasing new models in March. But obviously that was a croce…

As mentioned above, your LiteOn apparently isn’t meant to work with NTSC signal sources.

You say you know it can’t output NTSC, but you do realize the channels you’re trying to send INTO the LiteOn are NTSC?

Since this LiteOn isn’t meant for that TV format (more than likely it’s set up for PAL), it’s not going to work with it. It just plain can’t “focus its eyes” on the American/Canadian TV format, so the distortion you’re seeing on the screen is all the LiteOn can make out of the NTSC signal it’s getting.

I’m guessing that since you say “multisystem” when talking about your screen, it’ll work with pretty much any TV format. The problem is, the LiteOn won’t, and it’s putting out all it’s able to get from an NTSC signal.

I thought I’d seen on their website references to stores and online sources that carry their products, including the hard drive units. :confused: