Liteon LVW-5026 Ghost TV Image on screen

Recently bought this player and mostly happy with it except I’ve started to notice a couple of picture issues with it. The first is that the status bar at the top where it says recording in the top right is really blurry at times. Also, and the most annoying is when the machine is on I am getting “ghost images” on the screen.

It’s a little hard to describe. I was watching a DVD and I noticed, particularly when the screen is black, that I could see a TV signal in the background kind of like a shadow that just scrolled across the screen. When I changed my cable decoder channel the picture changed and showed the new channel.

I’ve got it setup with my cable box (NTL) feeding into the recorder on SCART and then out on SCART to the TV. I’ve tried another SCART cable but get the same results, and flashed to the latest 5026 firmware. Is this a known problem with this model or should I look at taking it back to the retailer for a replacement?


Welcome to the forum, Necula :wink:

While I have not experienced this particular issue with my LVW-5045, to me it looks like the NTL box may be sending out an unusually strong signal, which in turn result may result in ‘leaking’ from the auxilary input to the TV output. The first thing you can try is changing the SCART output mode between ‘Component’ (sends out a composite video signal) and ‘Scart RGB’ to see if either helps. Also, try switching between RGB and Composite on your NTL boxe’s video out settings. Ideally, both should be set to ‘RGB’.

If you only tried changing the SCART cable between the NTL box and DVD recorder, it will also be worth trying a different one between the TV and DVD recorder, since if this cable is not properly shielding against external interference, this can cause ghosting also.

As you mention that the status bar is blurry, it could be hardware issue also as I have not encountered anyone else mention about this particular issue before on any LiteOn. If changing the display output modes on your DVD recorder or NTL box does not help, then it may be worth getting it replaced.