Liteon lvw-5025ghc+

i Have just bought a dvd reorder as above and it records to dvd and hard disc plays origianl films but not backup movies it plays audio it is multi region but i do not think this is relevant would the machine need to be hacked to read these discs


You cannot backup copy-protected DVDs with ANY standalone.

sorry newbie confusin you i do not want to back up movies i just want to be able to play them on theis dvd unit

Then you maybe need to use other mediabrands or mediatypes, DVD-R vs. DVD+R and so on.

it looks like i will have to play cds on one machine and record on the liteon i must admit its the first player i have come across that has a problem playing a copied dvd

50xx series LiteOn Recorders should have no problems playing any DVD, Recording protected content will take a firmware hack.

Please tell us how did you make these backup/copied DVDs?

Not true I do it all the time, with 2 hacked LVW 5005s and Two Panasonics using video stablizers

hi romeo i have a couple od films i was given to watch but these will not play a friend also borrowed me a few and these never played either yet they both play on a sony dvd player i have np
i have it set to any region does the machine require a hack ? to read these discs

is it possible this machine would need a hack to pkay a copied film
where can i find out my firmware version and the hacked file to update it or am i barking up the wrong tree

It should not need any hack to simply play a DVD; It could be media it does not like or it could be in need of a lens cleaning.
BTY: I never uses my LiteOn recorders as players.

i have now tried quite a lot of different media and same with all except an original dvd
i have found a new firmware update from liteon i assume it is 0028 should i upgrade this ?
thanks for your help

I would upgrade, but I don’t have a 5025ghc+, you should be able to go back to the firmware you now have.