Liteon lvw-5025ghc+ dvd drive problems



I’m new to this so please humour me.

We have a liteon lvw-5025ghc+ which has been great until recently when it has started to reject discs (dvd-r and dvd-rw) in particular, and has started to corruct data on previously ok recorded discs.

do i need to replace the drive (any model details?), clean the drive or find a nice tidy space in the attic for the machine!

Any help with this decision would be fantastic


You might try cleaning the drive which has helped very few, but your best option is probably drive replacement. See the “Replacement Drives” sticky at top of this forum for list of replacement drives. Also see for how to including excellent photos. I replaced my 5005 burner just over a year ago with LiteOn SHM-165P6S which I just recently recently cross flashed to Sony DW-G120A (aka DRU-120c) to gain normal fast forward function.