Liteon LVW-5007A won't record


O K, I am new to this and am looking for some help with my Liteon LVW-5007A DVD recorder…wondering if anyone knows where I can get firmware for this thing and instructions for installing them…Any help greatly appreciated…This machine will read and play DVDs but can’t get it to go to record…

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Unfortunately it looks like LiteOn no longer hosts any updates let alone the instruction manual for this DVD recorder and I had little luck finding firmware for any of its DVD recorders.

Recording should be similar to the LVW-1105 I’ve used in the past. Insert a black DVD-R or DVD-RW disc and it should start initialising the disc. With the unit I had, this took about 2 minutes. Once this process completes, it should let you record on the disc.

From what I recall, DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs (both rewritable formats) took longer to initialise.

Even without the latest firmware, it should still be able to write to any blank recordable DVD-R/+R you load. The main thing the firmware would do is provide better compatibility with newer discs such as specify maximum write speeds. However, even with old firmware, it should still be able to write to new recordable discs.


Near the bottom of the page at there is firmware for the lvw-5007. I don’t know how new it is, but you could check to see if it’s newer than the current one you have.