Liteon LVW-5007 has the hiccups

Liteon LVW-5007 has the hiccups.

Need help with Liteon LVW-5007

I bought a Liteon LVW-5007 with a bad drive.
Replaced the drive with a Pioneer DVR-710
16x drive. Label on drive says DVR-111D.

It works great except that there’s a hiccup
in the recording every 4 seconds or so.
The sound cuts out briefly and there’s a pixelation
of the video for a fraction of a second.
The hiccups are always in the same place and show
up the same when the DVD is played in my laptop.
I also copied the DVD to the laptop and played from
hard drive…same problem.
Think that verifies that it’s a record problem.
I’ve tried Memorex 2.4x and 4x DVD+RW media.
Scanning the restultant recorded disks in the PC
indicates no errors. Seems that the drive is
recording what the tuner is sending it.
Don’t have any DVD+R media…but it’s irrelevant
whether they’d work. This is gonna be a time-shifting
machine that has to work with RW media.

The regularity of the hiccup suggests a buffering
problem, but the time seems to be independent of the
recording mode/data rate.

Is this something that can be fixed with a firmware

I googled 'till I’m blue in the tooth and found
little on the 5007. Lots of info about flashing
other liteon drives.

The only 5007 firmware I found was LNKA1040.EA0.
That didn’t help.

WMEA1098.es5 wouldn’t load.
All the liteon firmware links I found are broken.
There’s a bunch of stuff on the puma…archive site,but
no clear indication of what might work on the 5007…
other than the lnka1040.ea0 that I’ve already tried.

Is there anything I can do to make this work?
Don’t need the TV guide. Just need timed recording
so I can time-shift TV.
With a new unit available for $70, it’s not worth
investing any real money in a different DVR drive.

I’m in the USA.
Thanks, mike

Memorex DVD+RW media is :Z

and if erased and reused :Z :Z

Try some Verbatim DVD+RWs :iagree:

OK, but if the media writes perfectly when the drive is connected to
a computer???
And what about the absolutely periodic nature of the hiccups?
Is there a media defect mechanism that would produce
an ABSOLUTELY periodic flaw that’s independent of the data rate
being recorded?
And if the defects affect the recording, why don’t they show up
as defects when the recorded disc is scanned for defects?
Theoretically an easy experiment, but I’d rather not spend another
$25 on media that I have no other use for when I can’t identify a failure mechanism that explains the

Does this 111D have freeze on fast forward some LiteOn replacements do, and does it record VCD/SVCD some LiteOn replacements don’t? Burner firmware should’ve been updated in a PC before install in the 5007, but you could remove, flash and then replace it. FYI has link to archive of LiteOn firmware that still worked when I checked it just now. Also see post #101 at for why some have failed flashes and critical parts of serial number which must match firmware for successful flash.

In the computer, the drive is writing to a different speed than when it’s in the recorder. Some media burn awful at SOME speeds.

I bought another drive. This one’s a Sony DRU-500AX
It’s a much older drive, only does +RW at 2.4x, but it does
NOT have the hiccups. The only obvious spec difference
is that it has a 8MB buffer.
It has it’s own set of quirks, I have to turn off the power
after it finishes recording. If I try to play without cycling power,
it locks up so tight that I have to pull the plug.

Did you ever try any firmwares at links given in post #4 here with the 111D drive?

Thank you very much for trying to help.
You might be assuming some general knowledge that I lack.
I googled myself senseless before I posted here.
The 5007 appears to be a different beast from the 5001-5005.
I described my experiments in my first post. I was able to flash
with the ONLY specific 5007 firmware that I found. I did try
other firmware and the disc was not recognized as an update,
so nothing happened. MANY of the links discussed in various forums
are dead, dead, dead, including the lieton firmware links.

My reason for posting was to learn specific information that would
reduce the number of firmwares I’d have to try and to reduce the
possibility of trashing the unit completely. And I really don’t want to
trash my brand new Toshiba drive with an old Liteon firmware update.
The drive firmware is only six months old.

Sending me off to a site I’ve previously visited without additional
instruction has not helped.

I was hoping for an answer of the form, “I have successfully updated
the 5007, (not the 5001 or 5005 or 5045 or an ILO or any other non-5007)
system. Go here, download this exact file, rename it to this and it will
flash your 5007 without messing up your new drive.” While it might
be possible to cross-flash the 5007 to some other model, it appears
to take some tweeking of the flash process that I don’t understand.

I know it’s a long shot, but I can’t be the only one using a 5007???
I might be the only one to try to use a Pioneer drive in it.
My first timer recording with the sony drive just started successfully.
We’ll see how that goes.

Another issue I’m finding is that the drive won’t fit in the box.
With the lid off, I’m getting interference lines in the picture. Gotta
go find some ferrites for the cables and put the lid on.

Hi Spamme0, I bought 6 so-called dead 5007s on ebay over the last year, I was trying to at least get one or two operational, finally got 5 !!! going :smiley: .

There’s only one firmware file available for the 5007 which you’ve already tried. One thing I’ve seen users having a problem with is that that they don’t properly burn the firmware file, some will try to drag-&-drop the file on a cd, that doesn’t work, you must actually burn the file on a fresh disc and finalize it. You could try and burn a new disc.

I’ve used the same file (I hacked the file to disable MV) from the same source as you did and had no problem reviving the 5007s. I’ve loaded up the firmware using different Liteon drives and because the firmware didn’t recognize the drive as being the original, it skips that part of the update and this is true with any Liteon unit with a replacement drive.

A note on replacement drive for Liteon and Liteon-based recorders. Older Liteon drives (1693 and lower) will work flawlessly in these units, higher than the 1693, the drives don’t like to fast-forward, other than that they work but if you FF, it will freeze up. Sony DRU120 and I think the 500 is also a good one and the Benq 1620 also are fully operational replacement drives for Liteon recorders, haven’t heard of many others that work properly in these units. The challenge is trying to find one of these older ones. I usually peruse through my computer store’s clearance bins, been lucky so far.

To make them fit in the recorder, here’s what I did with mine;

It’s a tight squeeze, look and go slowly.

  1. remove front tray plate and bezel
  2. remove bottom of new drive, look at the front sides and you’ll notice an 1/2 inch part that drops lower than the rest of the side of the drive, snip (aviator snips) that to shorten it more than the rest of the side (about 1\16" to 1\8"), watch that no shavings goes in the drive.
  3. Reassemble the bottom and now try pushing the drive into place, this will take a bit of effort, you’ll feel it when it does go in.
  4. If still having problems pushing it in (which I had) take the bottom off again and now snip the front corners diagnoly of the bottom plate (3\8 to 3\8 ") and put the bottom back on, try pushing it in again, you will notice that the two front sides will start to show being pushed in and it should fit. Once in the proper place it will be so snug you won’t even need to screw the drive down.

Of course all of this is at you’re own risk.

Good Luck and let us know how you’re doing with your project.



I give up.
Looks like I’ve got the firmware that exists. I don’t care about MV or
region codes…just want time shifting.
The thing recorded three shows, but at the end gave a "write error"
and locked up.
If I pull the plug, restart, eject the disk and put it back in, it plays fine.
But pulling the plug erases all the tv-guide info and the clock.
It’s a pita to program and I don’t trust it.

So, what are my options? I watch a LOT of prime time TV. It’s not unusual
for me to have 4 VCR’s running for time shifting.

But all this is going away in 2009. I’ve been collecting ATSC tuners
when I can find 'em. I bought a series 1 tivo, but haven’t yet taken the plunge to reload an OS so it will do timer record without service.
All this is a pita to set up, even when it works.

What I want is a VCR with an ATSC tuner. Actually, four of them.
Don’t care about high definition, can’t tell the diff on my 27" TV anyway,
it’s just that it will be all that’s available over the air.

What are affordable time shifting options that will work in 2009?
My price/performance benchmark is the $2 garage sale vcr. ;-(


Have you tried the 0104 firmware in the first post at Note the first to sets of 4 digits of serial number must match first 2 sets of 4 digits in firmware for successful flash. In some CDFreaks thread I saw a selection of 0104 (5007) firmwares which you might try to find if that 1 doesn’t work, or I’ll post back if I happen to come across it. You might consider 1 of the replacement drives in the “Read First” part of this forum if you’d like a drive with better fit.