LiteOn LVW-5006B or Samsung DVD-HR720

At the moment im using Liteon LVW-1105HC wich is a nice looking recorder and does divx but starting to think i need one with a hd.
both were from
Samsung DVD-HR720 £172.99
LiteOn LVW-5006B £199.75
ok is it worth paying the extra £20 for double the size hd or is 80g well enough and added bonus of of divx?

I assume you mean the LVW-5045 (listed as £199.75 on the website) as the LVW-500x series does not feature a hard drive.

I am not familiar with what the Samsung is like, but just be warned that it only writes to DVD-R and DVD-RW media, i.e. DVD+R/RW will not work. DivX support would be useful if you are interested in being able to play DivX content on your TV.

Unfortunately, the Lite-On lacks DivX support. However from my experience as a reviewer of the Lite-On LVW-5045, it is very user-friendly and easy to remove the region lock from (the Samsung can also be deregioned with a remote sequence). I’m not fully sure about the editing features of the Samsung, but can confirm that the Lite-On model allows recordings to be split up and merged, chapter editing and hiding as well as copy to & from DVDs (apart from copy protected titles). :wink: