Liteon LVw-5006

Hi , I wander if anyone can help me? My Liteon LVW-5006 has a problem, when its switched off (even to standby) it loses all its settings the display reverts to component and ntsc all the tuning data is lost. I can re enter the information and retune but it forgets the next time its turned off! Any ideas? Thanks JA.

Not many since there is no battery backup the settings memory must be held in ram with a capactitor on the mainboard. You could get (as is) unit on ebay and replace the mainboard, as most fail due to DVD drive. Good Luck.

Thank you for your response, I think I have probably just got one with a fault. I checked the back up cell which was ok, I also disconnected it to force memory loss (clock had to be reset) but still the same. Thanks again JA.