LiteOn LVW-5006 Disc Reading Issue

I’m new to this forum but I’m hopeful from what I’ve read that you can help me. I had exclusively used +R and +RW discs on my 5006 but recently bought a Toshiba that only recognizes -R and -RW discs. Well I had used Sony +R 1x-8x speed discs and bought the same brand only -R 1x-8x so I thought. Turned out after the 5006 rejected them I looked and saw that the speed was 1x-16x and I later found that the 5006 no longer is recognizing my Sony +R discs or even the ones that were recorded and finalized on the machine and had worked fine. I’m wondering if a firmware upgrade will help it to recognize the +R Sony discs again and might also update to the 16x speed recognition? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Jungo; I am having the same issue on my 5005. In the past, I had the latest firmware for the drive and also the 0098 software which I had hacked myself. I made several Sony +R DVD disks with it about 9 months ago and they played back just fine then. Now they will not play in the 5005, but will play in other players. There is a possibility that the lazer is dirty. I plan on cleaning mine tomorrow with alchohol and q-tips. Have to take it apart though. Will let you know how it turns out. Have done this in the past with computer drives and they straighten right out.
Had also recorded with some Ridata -R DVDs but they still play??

UPDATE; Today I took the 5005 apart and cleaned the lazer lens. It now plays my previously recorded disks, which it would not do before the cleaning. I did 5 things while I had the machine apart.
1- Cleaned the lens with alchohol and Q-tips.
2- Put a little WD-40 on a Q-tip and lubed the laser rails very lightly.
3- Put a little WD-40 on a Q-tip and lubed the tray rails lightly.
4- Removed the rear exhaust fan and cleaned.
5- Took a side cutter and remove the slotted fan protector to allow more air flow out.
After hooking the machine back up, there is one strange thing I did notice. The last 7 digits after the SN had changed from ( 115-010D ) TO ( 003-010D ). Why this happened is beyond me, unless it had something to do with the removing the machine from the power cord for about an hour. Anyway, it is now working happily again. I will know more after testing further. Hope this information is of value to someone.
Regards; Pop’s

DUH; I figured it out, happended to have used the wrong upgrade disk when trying to fix the problem before cleaning the lens. Finally realized my mistake and upgraded again with the proper disk. The now the SN numbers in the brackets are correct for Region Free, MV Free, .es5 ( 015-010D )
I have searched the forum to try and find what the -010D means, but have not yet found that information. Anyone have that little tidbit??
Thanks; Pop’s