LiteOn LVW-5006 -Can I flash SONY DRU-190A with LNHBE098.ES5 firmware hack?

I’ve just purchased a SONY DRU-190A drive to replace the one in my LiteOn LVW-5006.

I’ve read through all of the relevant posts, but would appreciate comments on the following.

Having read that SONY DRU-190A is Lite-On 20A3P, I’ve downloaded the appropriate firmware update (XY13.exe) from LiteOn. I assume that I burn this to a cd and use it to update the Sony drive? Or should I actually be looking for a Liteon LVW-5006 update?

Having done that, can I use the cd that I originally burned for the LNHBE098.ES5 firmware hack - when I updated the firmware and hacked it back in december 2005? As the hack reverts the firmware to 098 for the macrovision and region-free status, I assume that it wouldn’t have been updated.

The SONY DRU-190A drive, by the way, is from (only £17.99 post free!!) - if anyone’s interested…

Any comments would be much appreciated.

The drive’s firmware is different from the recorder’s firmware. Flash the Sony drive with DH20A3 firmware, and do nothing to the firmware of the recorder.

Firmware flashing on a DVD drive has to be done using a computer, probably in Windows. :slight_smile:

Be advised cross flashing to LiteOn will gain a recorder freeze on fast forward problem associated with LiteOn SHW-160P6S and newer replacement burners when used as replacement burners in LiteOn recorders. For your 5006 burner replacement leave the drive Sony to keep normal fast forward function. Note you may check Sony site to see if there are any firmware updates and update firmware while connected to PC if there are newer firmwares. Remember to set the drive jumper to Master and set region by playing a DVD while connected to PC, or you may use the Region Free Tool from the last sticky in this forum to make the drive region free. The Book Type Utility from that same sticky may be used to bitset +R media to DVD-ROM to increase playback compatibility if desired.

Many thanks for the AMAZINGLY rapid responses to my query.

I’ve delayed commenting, so far, as I was hoping that the drive would turn up on my doorstep this morning. No such luck… If fortune (and the postman) favours me tomorrow, my digits should be hitting the keypad again when I’ve had the chance to investigate the newcomer.



Just a quick question:

Is it better to flash with the SONY update -190A_1.65.exe (v1.65) OR

the LITE-ON 20A3P firmware from codeguys - XY13.exe ?



A quote from bevills1’s post above:

Be advised cross flashing to LiteOn will gain a recorder freeze on fast forward problem associated with LiteOn SHW-160P6S and newer replacement burners when used as replacement burners in LiteOn recorders. For your 5006 burner replacement leave the drive Sony to keep normal fast forward function.
What I gather from that is: if you’re going to flash a firmware update, keep it as a Sony drive, and just update using Sony firmware.

Now that my drive has arrived, I find that it only has a 40-pin ATAPI (EIDE)connector. My laptop, on the other hand, has Parallel, Serial, USB & Firewire. This gives me a connection problem as, being retired, I no longer have access to a desktop.

Sooo… can anyone advise me as to the best way to link between laptop and drive to do the firmware update. I’ve looked on-line for cables and adapters but I’ve had no joy in finding the right combination.

And, as a sidebar, does the drive actually need a firmware update? It’s manufactured date is October 2007, and I just want it remove mv when playing dvds (which it does with the existing hack) and to record normally. I’m not bothered about fast-forward freezing, or being able to record dual-play - just the basics. In short, if I just put it straight into the
Liteon LVW-5006, should it work?

I know, if it were only that simple… Just thought I’d ask.



If it’s already a Sony, then it should have the ffw and rew functions [I think]. The only time you would do a firmware update would maybe be to improve writing performance…and, rarely, reading performance. It should work as-is. [As do all drives].

Thanks Albert,

I by-passed the pc firmware update (for reasons mentioned in my last posting) and managed to fit the SONY DRU-190A drive into the recorder successfully, thanks to the forum in general, and TunedPort350’s posting (“SHW-160P6S in LVW-5005 Success!!!”) of 29-01-2006 in particular.

When it played back all those precious discs that the original burner didn’t recognize, my wife thought I was a genius. (Well, dearest, I did have a LITTLE help…) I thought I’d better not open a bottle of bubbly, however, until I’d checked everything else out. When I tried to record on those discs that it had recognized - both DVD-RW and DVD-R - it started of o.k but then came up with the ‘write fail’ message within 30 seconds. Ditto with a new DVD-R that it ‘prepared’ - but soon came up with the same message. So, no joy in burning.

With regard to playing back pre-recorded DVDs, it doesn’tget any further than showing the ‘DVD Video -Title 01 Chapter 001>’ message, with nothing else happening. Pressing the menu button doesn’t show anything either. I assume I DO need to go through the pc firmware procedure to sort this out, but as I mentioned previously, I have this problem of linking the drive to my laptop.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I’ve seen other posts where others had problems burning DVD-R/RW with the Sony DRU-190A replacement burner but burned DVD+R/RW with no problems. Suggest you try DVD+R/RW to see if that works. The only way I can think to flash the new Sony is to connect to a friend’s PC to flash if you have friends with PCs, and updating the firmware might or might not help the DVD-R problem but can’t hurt to try.

Thanks for all the help.

Time now for my last report, before sounding ‘last post’…

Having exhausted all possibilities of connecting the drive to the laptop, I took a chance and went along to a local computer shop that I’ve used before. When I explained the situation, he connected it to a pc and set the drive to region2. Like me, he was puzzled that the drive wouldn’t automatically set itself by inserting the same dvd 5 times. Puzzling, that. He then declined to accept payment (well, I did point out that I was retired -with no access to a desktop pc), but reluctantly accepted 2quid for a drink. What a result!

Anyway, THAT result is that I can now play commercial discs, and with the MV hack on the recorder still working, I can once again record rental discs on my HDD recorder and watch them at leisure- which greatly increases the turn-round rate! Still won’t record to +R/RW, but that’s of no import as I bought a small spindle of Sony -RW discs, which work fine, and most of my recording is done on the laptop anyway. So I don’t think I need to go back to the computer shop again with the drive and a driver upgrade!

So, all’s well that ends well. Now, where’s that bugle…

Hehe, awesome outcome. :slight_smile: Wish you could have gotten the Plus formats to work, but as long as you found a viable workaround…:wink:

It’s a bit puzzling OP states -R/RW failed to recordin post #9, but then in post #11 states +R/RW don’t record while -RW do record. As long as it works is what matters.

Well spotted, b!

I must have stuck that bugle in the wrong end, as I got things totally a*se about face. I STILL get a negative result with -RW, but my newly purchased spindly +RWs are a definite plus. He said, positively nonplussed…