Liteon LVW-5005 won't play copied VHS DVD's

Hello I am new to the forum and have a question on a new LVW-5005. When I copy a movie from a VHS tape it appears to copy just fine. But, when I try to play it back on another DVD-recorder I never get to see the movie. Any ideas? I have tried a DVD+R with Finalization and also a DVD +RW. Now here is the funny thing, if I take the newly created dvd and put it back in the LVW-5005 it pops up and shows the movies title and such. Any ideas? Is this possibly a problem with me needing to set the region to 1 (US) when I burn the DVD so that another dvd readers knows what region it was recorded from?

Please help…

Some DVD players will not play things recorded on the Lite On machines. Try recording from your TV with the +RW and playing it back on your player to see if it will play. Also make sure that the player will play + media or only - media. Not all players will play both + & - media. Let us know how you make out.

I have a Toshiba player that refuses to play any 5005 recording regardless of media, and the only solution I find is to make a copy of the 5005 recordings on the PC using +R media with book type set to DVD-ROM which then plays without fail on the Toshiba. Note I use RW media for 5005 recordings to make such copies because RW media may be re-used. FYI the Toshiba also will play only -R DVD backups from the PC and will play no +R DVD backups.

The 5005 records in the +VR standard, which is not compatible with all players, especially older ones…

I, too, record to +RW, then edit and re-record on the computer (bit set +R to -ROM) so that all my discs are compatible with all my players…

Well crap then. I was never aware of this when I got my Lite-on (last week). I guess I now ask if anyone wants to buy a new (now slighly used) Lite-on 5005 with all firmware upgrades, macr0vis turned off, etc. I guess my next big question is what should I buy that gives me capability of turning of Macr0vis. I am willing to purchase online. thanks!

If I were you I’d look at replacing the DVD player not the recorder. I have a player that I bought from Walmart For under $30 and it plays find. Sure is a lot cheaper than a recorder. If you have a store near you like Bestbuy take a disk with you and try it in one of the display models. This way you know the player is compatiable with your recorder.

LiteOn 50xx models are the only ones hackable to be macrovision free, and it’d be less costly to get a PC burner with bit setting capability to copy to +R media with book type set to DVD-ROM than to buy another recorder. NewEgg has LiteOn, Pioneer and other quality burners for under $40. Quality standalone DVD recorders by Panasonic, JVC and others are good choices but not hackable to remove macrovision. However, you could get a video stabilizer to use in addition to the recorder to remove macrovision.