Liteon LVW-5005 TV Captions Missing

Using Firmware version LNFA1098.ESU.0102.184 and drive version LNFA1000.E20.0102.184.

I record from the TV tuner source (antenna not cable) and upon playback the TV does not display the captions that were on the original source.
Sounds like a simple problem, but I can’t figure out the solution so far.

Captioning is definitely turned on for the TV set. On the Lite-on, I’ve tried enabling subtitles upon playback which shouldn’t be necessary, but it didn’t make a difference.

Solution? Thanks in advance.

Another data point. Liteon connected to TV via RCA video/audio connectors. Viewing the Liteon TV tuner output on the TV, no captioning is available on a captioned TV program. This is even without making a DVD recording. Connections are as follows:

TV antenna coax -> Liteon antenna IN - coax out to TV

Liteon Video out (RCA connector) -> TV video IN
Liteon audio R/L out (RCA connectors) -> TV audio IN

Still can’t figure out how to enable closed-captioning on the Liteon TV tuner output or for recording this TV tuner output on DVD.

I noticed that too. Movies recorded on the 5005 will not play back with captions on the 5005 but captions will be visible on my laptops’s DVD player. I therefore assume that this feature could be available through a hack or an official liteon upgrade.


I just received confirmation from Liteon support that the LVW-5005 does not support closed captioning signals. Note that these are distinct from captions that appear on a DVD movie that are sometimes called subtitles in the DVD menus. Closed captions are placed on normal TV shows, including most all current TV dramas/comedies, and news. They are also present on most VHS movies. They are displayed by turning on captioning mode on the TV set (not on the DVD or VHS tape unit). They first came into use for deaf/hearing impaired persons and required a separate TV set-top box. US regulation forced manufacturers to include closed captioning display capability on larger size TV sets, and the popularity soared. I find them useful to understand actors with foreign accents.

In any case, for me, this means the Liteon unit won’t be used for normal TV show recording. I’ll still be using the VCR for that.

However, for transferring home video from a mini-DV camcorder to DVD using the firewire port, I’m pleased with the results. I do have better luck with compatibility using DVD+ instead of DVD-. I’m using Sony brand disks for the time being.

This is disappointing news since I am hard of hearing, and I rely on closed captioning a lot.

I just got my LVW 5005, and I was testing it to see if a DVD-R, that a friend recorded for me, would play. It played great, but while I could view the captioning on my PC Aopen DVD Burner, I could not view the captioning playing the same DVD on my new 5005 DVD Recorder.

I have over 600 VHS tapes (most contain captioned movies, sport event, etc. from Satellite TV feed or cable TV.

Hopefully a fix will be coming soon.

Same problem here. No captions, and my daughter is deaf! This is clearly in violation of US disability laws.

Well, I’m not a lawyer, but I also wonder about that angle. The US law does specifiy that TV manfucaturers have to provide captioning on TV’s with screen size >= 13 inch. And there is also mention of broadcaster’s responsibilities for distributing video with captions. But I’ve never seen anything specifically addressing home recording devices such as VCR’s & DVD recorders (the latter which didn’t exist when the captioning laws were put in place).

Sent links to applicable US laws for captioning and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to Liteon. I’ll post their reply here.

Captioning laws in the US are outlined here:
and here:

Americans with Disabilities Act here:

Anyone with good experience on other DVD recorders that do capture the captions? I may be in the market … again. Too bad to because I really like this unit.

Side note: VCR’s record the caption stream.

So, currently lite-on 5005 cannot play closed caption? (even it can record the closed caption)

My dad is looking for a DVD recorder that will record the Closed Caption info from his cable box. He also wanted a device taht would copy his hundreds of VHS tapes he has recorded with closed captioning. Is anyone aware of a box that will do that?

I believe it’s been said the LiteOn does record the signals that create the closed captions, but or some reason doesn’t allow the TV to display them.

If this is so, another DVD player that’s known to allow the captions to appear on the screen should be able to do it with discs recorded on the LiteOn.

Is this problem with close caption due to firmware update hack or
no caption even right out of box.


I’ve heard it said this is an “out of the box” problem with the LiteOn recorders.

It is an “out of the box” problem, due to the way it mishandles the macrovision track that is not visible at the top of the picture image. The rendering chip masks off that section in an effort to stabilize the image on the TV. Most TVs have the stabilizing system, but perhaps the monitor they used in the research lab for this DVD player did not have such stabilization, so they wrote a quick hack that deletes the lines causing the image stability issue. Unfortunately, they inadvertently removed the closed caption track. They probably never used it themselves, so they did not test closed captioning support extensively. to clarify the macrovision stability patch.