LiteOn LVW-5005 Problems: RMA or Replace Drive?

I’ve had a 5005 for 4 or 5 years tha’ts had no problems, but I got another 6 months ago that’s recently failing to play DVDs and record to DVD -R and +RW. I’ve read a number of threads with similar problems as well as threads on replacement units from LiteOn that fail in just a few months. Is it better to RMA to LiteOn for replacement or better to replace the drive in the 5005? Has anybody had a 5005 replaced by LiteOn that worked properly for more than a few months, and has anyone had experience with RMA and replacing the drive in the 5005? Also I’ve read threads on replacing 5005 drive with the 160P6S recently. Does the 160P6S have bit setting ability, or can it be flashed in a PC first to enable bit setting before being installed in the 5005?

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My Liteon 5005 has become very fussy also

Try removing the cover of the recorder and remove the cover of the drive and clean the laser head. It worked on mine, and now plays and records just fine. A quick fix and no cost to you.

Try removing the cover of the recorder and remove the cover of the drive and clean the laser head. It worked on mine, and now plays and records just fine. A quick fix and no cost to you.

I wouldn’t bother sending it back to Lite-On for repair. Shipping and repair costs wouldn’t be worth it. Replacing the drive yourself is the best way to go. If you are starting to have problems it is time to look for a good deal on a replacement drive before it goes completely. Newegg has a lot of deals with free shipping and good prices. Good luck with your recorder.

The unit was only 6 months old and not used much. Therefore I doubt it was a cleaning issue. After considering cost of shipping to return for repair, wait time for repair and problem likely to recur based on other threads I’ve read, I decided to replace the burner with LiteOn SHM-165P6S purchased from NewEgg. It now records all DVD media tried but will not burn VCD/SVCD which I read in other threads was usual for such replacement, but I have no interest in VCD/SVCD which makes lack of that capability negligible for my uses. There was and still is another problem of not erasing -RW media but erases +RW fine which seems to indicate some other problem in the recorder not associated with the burner. I must do a full erase of -RW on the PC to be able to re-use them.

I have read where others have had problems with -RW media also. I use only +RW media because of this reason. I like the +RW media because you don’t have to finalize it. I have used -R media with no problems but others have had problems with it. One other problem you will have with the 165 replacement is no FF. Did you do a firmware update on the replacement drive? If not hook it to your computer and do the update it might help the issue with -RW media. You made the right more with the changing the drive.

Depending on where it was kept, it could have accumulated a lot of dust.

Firmware was updated in PC before installing in the recorder. I realize the freeze on FF, but that’s unimprotant to me since I use the recorder strictly fot recroding DVD and use a DVD player for playing.


I have the same unit, after working well for a year it started up with not recognising some blank DVDs. Mostly my recorded non finalised dvds would never get accepted by tis recorder once I took out the dvd or if my reocorder was switched off. Upon powering back on it will never recognise the dvd it had recorded on earlier.

I let it go for another year using it for playback only - now it would hardly read or write ti any DVDs at all. Opened up the unit and found a PC look-a-like DVD burner. I am a computer tech and am wondering can a regular dvd writer be used here, as I cannot find the LiteOn SHM-165P6S as some of you mentioned.

Please advise.

Replace the drive yourself. Almost all Lite-On burners will work. Some Sony’s work better. There is a list here take the time to read what others have used. There is also pictures if you would take the time to search them out. Its easy I’ve done 2 replacements.

for some sources for the LiteOn SHM-165P6S which is the drive I used for replacement about a year ago. Also see for a list of replacement drives. The list isn’t all inclusive, and the Benq 1620, for example, is also a fully functional replacement but also difficult to find. FYI the SHM-165P6S can be cross flashed to Sony DW-G120A to gain normal fast forward function since the SHM-165P6S replacement freezes on fast forward as do other pre 1693 LiteOn models. See post #95 in that same thread for how to cross flash; note those instructions are for SHW-160P6S, and steps 1, 4 and 5 may be skipped for cross flashing a SHM-165P6S. Also see post #93 of same thread for info on setting book type for replacement drives to increase play back compatibility.

Edit: I forgot to mention I read some other posts where users had drives replaced under warranty only to have the same problems recur in 6 months of less which is why I opted for replacement.