LiteOn LVW 5005... Prepairing then invalid disk



before you give up try a DVD cleaning disc


My issue is similar to some of the above so I hope this is the correct thread for it. I’ve had no problems recording/reading 8x DVD+R disks from any manufacturer since I bought the unit (LVW-5005) three years ago but I get “invalid disk” messages when trying 16x disks. Message on the slip cover of the spindle of disks I bought says “contact the manufacturer to upgrade the unit to recognize 16x disks”. I’ve tried this but no response from LiteOn. I have 0090 FW now but am hesitant to upgrade because I don’t know if this will fix the issue, and because of the problems people seem to be having after upgrading.

Any advice appreciated.



I just scanned this thread, so pardon me if this has been mentioned.

But the drives in the 5xxx liteons are crap and will go bad quickly. Check out the thread on 5xxxx replacement drives.

Like you, I loved my 5006. For $40, I restored all functions except VCD and SVCD recording.

Before, I was having the same invalid disc and non-recognition problems. It was maddening. Now I can record on all dvd types, and have had no problems at all.

Read the various posts in the replacement drive thread, and consider trying that to restore your recorder and end the frustration. First, you may want to try cleaning the laser lens - that has worked for some, but the crap drives will not last long, so I recommend a replacement.


Friday I actually received a reply from the LiteOn technical support people, as follows:

"Dear Barrie, thank you for contacting LiteON IT support. Kindly be informed, update firmware can`t improve the unit to handle up to 16X discs. In general, LVW-5005 can only record on certain max 8x DVD discs,but not record on max 16x DVDs. It can play max 16x DVDs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

More information,please kindly visit LiteON IT Corp. official
If you reply do please include all previous emails.Thank you very much!
Best regards, Customer Service Division, DCBU"

Which upsets me but makes sense - I had already cleaned the lens and I have a friend with exactly the same unit who also can’t record on the 16x DVDs so I discounted that as the problem.

I did ask them if there were any other benefits to upgrading FW from 0090 to 0098 or later but they haven’t replied to that question.

Thanks for the reply - I’ll check out the other thread you mentioned.



Just happened to one of my 5005s. not only would it not prep any discs but would not even read the CD/DVD lens cleaning disc. :confused:
I had to take the drive out and clean the lens with alcohol and a Q-tip. :o
Now everything is back to normal. :clap:
Even preped the discs that were invalid before. :bow:


CCRomeo—my 5045 worked “ok” for 2 years then started not recognizing disks. I replaced the optical drive with the current LH-18A1P and disk burning is back. Yeah!

For fun, I took the old burner apart. The lens is as crystal clean as can be. I cleaned it anyway and will test it next chance I get.

My question—must a lens “look” dirty to effect recording or can a perfect looking lens actually be dirty too? //// Bobbo


I found the cause of the problem I believe. I erase and reprogram PROMS and find the glass must be quite clean to get a good erase.

I was getting invalid disks. Before buying and installing a replacement drive I decided to try cleaning the lens. First I bought a DVD cleaner disk which had a small brush which passes over the laser. This didn’t help.

I took the machine apart, managing to break the clasp for the ribbon cable on the main board from the drive in the process, it’s fragile but the break wasn’t fatal. It might not have been necessary to remove the drive. I used a Q tip and auto starting fluid to clean the laser lens. The drive reads perfectly now.

I suspect the drives are purchased from a country that doesn’t air condition its factories. The workers might leave a bit of perspiration residue on the laser in passing. This seems to cause minute dust particles to cling and eventually stick securely such that the DVD cleaning brush failed to clean effectively.



Hey Bill, thanks for posting that. I think most of Liteon’s drives must be dirty from day one? In other words, the difference in reliable recording is day vs night with the new burner compared to day one performance. I’ve gotten 10 recordings from a single DvD+RW==I’ve gone back and reused disks that were no good, and now they work.

Hope that clean lens works for you, but don’t hesitate to REPLACE THE DRIVE. /// Bobbo


auto starting fluid to clean the laser lens ?

I use 100% pure alcohol


I would say the human eye may not “see” what the laser sees and the smallest amount of dirt could effect read and write.


I have an issue with my LVW-5005x where I set the timer to record something and then when i go to turn the unit on later i get an “invalid disc” error. It really sucks because I recorded something that’s not repeated, so i lost it.

My unit also doesnt always open/close, and i have to manually tap the drawer to close it. :confused:


jp–I have the same issues. Things sometimes worked a bit better as I changed media and replaced the burner==still happens though. Now, I simply do not turn off my machine (ie, no timed recordings) before a disk gets full.

Its a glitch.


Hello everyone

Well, I am one of those having similar situation with my LITEON DVD RECORDER, LVW 5005A. My specific problem was I could play the -R DVD media I have but I could not play +R DVD media. Really odd.

And this just started happening about a month ago. I have had this unit for a couple of years. Lucky I have a couple of other DVD players to use.

Here is my DVD Recorder/Player information:

DDW 813S01C ( think that is a zero)

Manufactured: May of 2005

F/W B20B

last 4 numbers in the serial number is 1297

I was reading the posts from the beginning on this thread and someone mentioned cleaning the laser. Doing this had worked for them. This is what I did. And guess what … Yep! Works fine now. I can play +R media without getting that pesky ‘INVALID DISC’ message.

For those of you who have never cleaned a laser lens before. It is really quite simple for this model. Just use some diluted rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip. I am no expert but I would not have the Q-Tip dripping with this dilution, when the Q-Tip is applied to the laser.

Squeeze out excess and have the Q-Tip just damp. Then lightly move the Q-Tip over the laser a few times, using a different portion of the Q-Tip when you do. I am sure you can find out how to clean a laser on the internet, to be certain you are doing it correctly.

Getting to the laser on this model is very easy. Just take off the cover. Once you are looking at the inside, take the screws out of the sides of the rectangular looking metal housing. Take the metal cover off. Take the screws out what is holding the black top on. And once you get that off, you will see the laser.

Any of the experts reading this, please correct me if I am wrong.

And, by the way, I have done one firmware update, since I bought this unit. And if I can help it, I don’t think I will, unless I will not have a choice. Just my 2 cents.

Good Luck


sad , my dvd-rw can’t read the any disc.
it display burn a disc and erase the disc …blak blak blak…


I have been having the same problem with my
lite-on 5045 using dvd - I have been using a lens
cleaning cloth wiping the disc befor I put it in the
machine and wiping it again bebore I finalize it
I don`t have any problems using dvd + or rw


The definitive answer is certainly to change the drive as suggested earlier for the LH18A1P I took the tip and purchased a slightly used one on Ebay total cost with postage was £13. 1st power up and open tray then unplug. remove front of tray, it unclips at bottom, pull out and up then slides off. remove screws and take the entire drive out. Remove base plate of replacement drive and screw down into the two rear mountings. Remove facia of Recorder and cut out the three little pieces of moulding directly above where the tray drawer will be, this prevents the drive from being forced down at the front. With facia off fit the drive back onto the now screwed down base plate. Replace facia, connect drive power up and open drawer then unplug. On the drawer front cut off the centre small moulding because it doesn’t line up with the cut outs in the drawer, the other two do, slide the front downwards onto the drawer then press at the bottom till it clips in. Job done. My 5005 now reads much faster and recognises all discs prior to this Invalid Disc on everything, cleaned lens and it would then only see pre-recorded films etc but no blank discs. PS my spelling isn’t crap but how we do it in the UK…the proper way!!!