Liteon LVW-5005 Overwriting DVDs!

Hello everyone,

I bought the LiteON DVD Recorder/Player LVW-5005 and it worked great for a time. Now however, everytime i’m done recording a DVD and I put it into the recorder, for some reason the recorder starts preparing it or erasing it for no reason! The DVDs I use are either RiDATA 4x DVD+RW or the Maxell DVD+RW. This is becoming increasingly annoying because if you arn’t careful you could erase an entire DVD full of shows. :a

Any help is appreciated and thank you for your time.

You could try to protect the titles already recorded. Go to “Edit” then switch “Protection” to On.

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Just to rule out a faulty disc or an issue with a particular brand, I would recommend backing up the disc’s content to your PC and then try the discs one by one to see if this whether only a certain brand of discs this occurs on or if there is one disc that the recorder keeps falsely recognising as a blank. So far I have not heard of this issue before and have not experienced this with my LVW-1105HC+ or LVW-5045 recorders.

If this is only a recent issue, in that the recorder never done this for several months and now frequently erases DVD+RW’s, I would recommend running a cleaning disc just to make sure that it is not a dusty laser causing it to mistakenly recognise written discs as blank. Finally, if you have not updated the firmware recently, I would recommend carrying out this just in case it is a known bug.