LiteOn LVW-5005 Mystery Problem

I had attempted to record a film from a VHS Video recorder i have which can play Pal as well as NTSC tapes.
The problem i got was that firstly there was Macrovision within the film so the Lite on would not except it and gave the “PROTECTED” message. Ok so i have hooked up in between the VCR my ICOS Macromaster Gold this seemed to work fine although i had a broken picture at the foot of the screen which was a real pain. The Video tape i had is NTSC still getting the same problem i put the DVD recorder into NTSC mode and the band was gone! but as soon as i tried to record this film with the Macromaster in line i got an error message “WRONG SIGNAL”. So i decided to place both of my VHS recorders side by side with the macromaster in the middle of which then i easily transfered the film from one VHS to the Other now with no macro.
Thinking that i had cracked it i put the non macro cassette into the Player and hooked it up to the Liteon I could not believe my eyes the same band was again at the bottom of the screen but the player now was recording as the macro had been removed. so to get rid of this band i then selected NTSC i again went to record and got the same error message again wrong signal!
Can anybody tell me how i can get the Lite on to record this video in perfect picture without the Wrong Signal crap.
Also i have found that this Macromaster i have will remove the macro from DVD to DVD or VHS to VHS! but as soon as you try it with say VHS to DVD it is absolutly rubbish. Please any suggestions with my main problem :frowning: Thanks.

This has been posted before on other forums and as yet not one reply! Why? am i the only one to have faced this yet another anoying problem with this DVD recorder.
The problem is with recording or watching television through the DVD recorder.
If both the ariel plugs are plugged into the Lite on i have found that the sound has an echo to it which starts to repeat itslef and then just gets worse. The same sometimes happens with the picture if you are in the guider menu the picture goes to a black & White and the sound sounds like there is an over amount of delay the first sound being repeated until another sound comes in and is added to this slow build up of a mess which finally you have no choice but to pull the plug or change channel ending up with the same problem.
The only way you can get around this is that the ariel has to go through my VCR and then the DVD recorder is hooked up through the scart lead. So to record any television programmes the VCR must be on! Help please. This Lite On has been a pain in the neck ever since i purchased it. i am slowly losing my patience to the extent that if i dont sort this problem it this unit is going to end up on Ebay. :sad: Thankyou

For the first issue, the “Wrong Signal” error basically means that the loaded disc has been initialised with the wrong TV standard. For example, if you load a blank disc when the DVD recorder’s video mode set to ‘PAL’, then the disc is prepared as a PAL disc, which means that if you set the video mode to ‘NTSC’ and then attempt to record on the disc, the recorder will refuse to record. In order to record an NTSC picture, you need to first set the TV format to ‘NTSC’ and then load a blank disc that has not previously been loaded/prepared.

For the second issue, it appears that the Lite-On is picking up feedback from something, such as a Scart lead plugged into the wrong AV socket. Just make sure that the bottom Scart socket on your DVD recorder is connected to the TV and that the top Scart socket is connected to the ‘TV’ Scart socket of your VCR (or with the macomaster looped in-between).

This is the time I’ve encountered anyone with an issue with the audio echoing on the Lite-On. Alternatively, try a process of elimination, such as first try the DVD recorder on its own and try watching TV through it, then try connecting the VCR to the DVD recorder and check for echos and finally try placing the macromaster in-between. If you get echos with just the DVD recorder itself connected to the TV, I would recommend getting it repaired, especially if it is under warranty.

Brilliant Brilliant you are a diamond! trying to record my video through NTSC on the DVD recorder is working so far at this moment with your brilliant instructions!
At last i am able to put this film onto DVD at last. I thankyou for that information Sean!

Ok the echo part of it everything dealing with the cable set ups are in fact correct. I have ran this DVD recorder connected to the ariel without connection to any other equiptment and i have still encountered the same problems.

The only way it can be got around is that the ariels are plugged into the VCR and the DVD Recorder picks up its signal through them. This is the only way i can make an efficient recording to DVD. Unfortunately this unit is not under waranty.
However when i get some spare time i am going to go through all the connections again. But the main problem i had you helped me out with and that again i thankyou for!! :bow: :clap: