Liteon LVW-5005 Jitter/jumpy picture malfunctions .... Any ideas?




I bought my 5005 in late November and am pretty happy with it. Like everybody else the macrovision detection can drive you batty, of course, but other than that I’ve only had one problem.

During recording, for no reason at all, the picture starts to get jumpy… the image seems to jitter or jiggle if you will, and the movement of the action on screen, loses it’s flow the action becomes jerky looking as if it’s recorded in ‘stop motion’ almost…I’m not sure how to explain it.

I know it’s the Liteon causing the problem because when I shut it off at these times reception is fine when played directly through tv.

It also doesn’t seem to be just a faulty input because I get the same reaction from both A/V inputs and the S-Video input,I don’t use the tuner so I’m not sure about it.

Same case with the connecting wires as I’ve tried changing them hoping they were bad but still have the same problems with all cables.

Simliarly it isn’t caused by any one source recording…because I get the problem recording from VCR , Satellite Box, and DVD player.

Also I’ve tried different brands of blanks , just in case that had an effect, but it doesn’t help.

The problem comes and goes , there are times I can record a whole movie and everythings fine to the end… other times it starts in 5 minutes into the recording… theres no real reasoning to it… I can fix the problem temporarily… it’s easy , as all I need to do is change the source channel, go around the circuit until I’m back to the one I was using, and it’s fine … BUT if you are in the middle of recording , as you know , you can’t do this … even in pause mode…So of course it means stopping the session and then either erase and redo or break the recording into two titles.

This just doesn’t seem right to me, and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

Any help is appreciated.

My models specifics are … LVW-5005A, Manufactured Sept. 04 , SN is 0104 1840 0900 G2B9 , It’s one of the models that has 3 hour mode factory installed.

Thanks for reading


I have gone through 4 of these recorders (the first had this jitter, straight out the box and on the Supplied media) this was replaced by anouther which would go into the jitter and pull out of it after a couple of minutes. both had later revision mainboards and the component out, the third unit was a 5001 basically and didn’t jitter at all ever and ran quieter no noise at all. It went back because it failed two timer records.
The fourth is a 5006 baseboard with the 5001 drive 411s this has not jittered either. my conclusinon on the jittering is thus

if you have a 811s drive it is more likly to occur than with the 411s

you can check your drive by checking your serial in the setup

top right last four digits before the brackets if it reads F2SC or similar then you have the 401s or 411s anything else means 801s 0r 811s.

anouther clue is manufacture date the two with the jitters were dated october 2004 the two with out were dated week 32 2004 (5001 dressedup) and june 2004 5006 (dressed down )


I’ve had this problem with 2 recordings.both times its been using a cd for a
vcd.The ‘all write’ function is ok but the results from dvd-r have been dodgy
also. It’s not really solving the problem but have you tried connecting through the front rca inputs? not really practical for everyday use but for vcr
copying it might work better.I’ve used this method for copying home videos and it’s worked ok.
I’ve also noticed this problem when the liteon is switched off(although the signal is still passing through the liteon).I dont think its a transmission problem because I was watching the programme it did it on.It was only for about 10 seconds each time (through cable) It seems to be ‘hit and miss’ as to which machine you get stuck with.
Liteon have some real problems to overcome.Their machines seem to be littered with problems.This coupled with the compatibility
problem (playing a Liteon recording on another player is also hit and miss) people with lose confidence in the product. Firmware updates will hopefully iron out some bugs soon!


On to unit 6 and yes the stuttering has returned now I could understand if it was writing to the media when the problems occured and put it down to disk faults but this time there was no recording taking place.

the unit had recorded for an hour on to the supplied media in SLP (via Guilde unit still set to SP if record pressed) it was then stopped and about 45mins of the next program had been viewed before the stuttering started it lasted for 5mins and then stopped after 5mins it started and lasted 2mins.

The chipset uses twin 150mips risc processors to work with the source material and output to disk and tv.


I have found units produced september and october (of my 6 ) 2004 to have the stuttering the only connection is that all these had a board labeled DMN 8602 the model had two drive familys 451s and 811s

good unit was june 2004


I have been having the same problem with the machine also, at this stage just testing by placing a fan over the main CPU’s heatsink. for now the jitter has stopped. looks like cooling may be a problem with machine.


I took the cover off my machine and the mainboard is REV:02 DMN 860242 and the Drive is the DDW 451S. I am getting an RMA to send back to LiteOn. My machine has the following problems that come and go. Jumpy/Jitter picture, Green hue in some dark scenes, Clock gains 5 Seconds per 24 Hours and occasional stopping when recording from VCR or Camcorder with a NON Macrovision scource. I have done all the updates and the MV hack. Even with all the problems, I feel this could be a very good machine given the bugs can get taken care of. Manufactured Sept. 04.
Regards; Pop’s


I live in Australia and i have the same problem with my LVW 5005 mine has the manafacture date November 2004 this is my 2nd unit and both doing the same thing i would describe it like watching a video phone picture very jerky but picture qulity still seems good one other thing if you leave it sit on a AV input with no signal just black screen for 5 mins looks like some sort of screen saver cuts in with the words ALL WRITE moving across up and down the screen anyone else found this


I think we are getting somewhere !!

of the 6 I have had 2 had a LDW 411s as the drive they both had no jitter one based on the 5001 had no RGB or throughput.

the other was june 2004

of the 4 remaining 2 had LDW811s and the DMn8602 board and had jitters dated october 2004

the final 2 had the LDW451s both had the DMn8602 board and has jitters dated september 2004 ( will jitter without media )

mine is topless at the moment and the main chip is red hot ( well too hot to touch )


I would like to know if anyone has a LVW5006 exhibiting these errors and it’s date of production also LVW5002


The strange thing I found was the two dated october 2004 needed a full power down to solve the Jitter the two dated september could clear the problem after a few minutes or just needed a source sweep to clear the memory


my MB is a DMN8602A2 Ver.02 & the drive is a DDW-813S, after I placed a cooling fan on the CPU the jitter problem is no more, done a lot of testing on the weekend & even today it’s OK.


I think we are looking at heat contributing to this problem, but is it wrong components used in the 5005 ? or just inadequate cooling provided by Liteon ?

To me it seems to affect boards labled DMN8602 since the two I had which were labled either LVW5001 or LVW5006 had no jitter at all.

I thought the drive may have contributed but I think it could be a media compatability problem which is solved via firmware updates.


Same problem here 5005 oct 2004 with 1098. hope there will a firmware update for this. Also green patch in dark scene.
With dvd+rw and dvd+r


To be honest no firmware patch can resolve the jitter problem if caused by heat the only way is to get the screws out and place a heatsink on the chip marked DMN8602 (it’s the biggest chip and has a silver centre)

The jitter seems to be part of the 5006 (anouther forum has a long thread on this which is called LVW5006)


I just sent my LVW 5005a Sept. build back to LightOn. I took a peek inside before sending it off. It has the a board in it Rev: 02 DMN860242, and this also has a heat sink already in place. My machine, U.S. model was experiencing the jitter, green tint and the clock was gaining 5 sec. per 24 hours. Hopefully it will all be cured when it comes back. I had done the Firmware and Drive upgrades to this unit also.
Regards; Pop’s


Could this be a problem caused by overheating ?


US version Oct 2004 1098 hacked firmware at 65F room temp, unit not in cabinet.

No heat or jitter problem (but green tint on dark background I have noticed), but here is someone who added heat sinks to the processors:


Sorry, the link did take:,177.0.html


I have a 5005b Sept build UK model and have updated both the new system and drive firmware. Mine also gains 5 seconds every 24 hours which is a pain having to reset it every few days.

All my DVD+RW recordings are rock solid but DVD-R are still jittery on other DVD players.