LiteOn LVW-5001 Firmware Question

Recently purchased a LiteOn LVW-5001 Player/Recorder. Is there any way to know what Firmware Version is currently installed? I know it is not the latest version as the LiteOn web site advised me to download and install LNEA1163.DS1.ZIP which I did but before I apply this firmware I would like to know what I currently have in case I have a problem and have to go back to my current firmware. Any advice would be appreciated.

My S/N is 0101-0143-1162-F2SC(100-010B). Does that mean that my current firmware is version is 1143 or 1162?

Please enter in SETUP menu, then you can see the information in white shown at the bottom in format as below:
S/N: xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx
The first 4 numbers stand for version of the M/B. The second 4 numbers stand for version of the drive and the thirt 4 numbers ist the fw version.
you fw 1163 update to 0101-0143-1163-fs2sc land usa canada
you become the actual and correct fw for you lvw5001 by the serial.