Liteon LVW-5001 Drive Door Will Not Open after Setup Change?

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD+R RW. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a Liteon LVW-5001 DVD Recorder that’s been working for a number of years. A few days ago I was trying to record from VHS tape and ran into the Macrovision problem. After much research on the web relating to hacks that can disable Macrovision, I tried the following:

1.) With no disc in the DVD Drive.
2.) Entered Setup menu from the remote.
3.) Scrolled down to Exit an highlighted it.
4.) Entered 2,9,6,0 and pressed Enter.

This opened a hidden menu where I had additional choices to set the Region and turn Macrovision Off for which I selected. Powered the unit off and back on. The setup menu shows the change but now the DVD drawer will not open, no matter what I try. Power back off, gentle nudge, tap nothing seems to make the door open using the remote or the button on the front panel of the unit. I used the option on the same hidden menu to load the defaul which seems to reset those options but the drive door still will not open. It was working perfectly before I made this change on the setup menu.

Any help will be appreciated.



This should be in the LiteOn Recorder forum. Maybe a mod could move it there for you where you might be more likely to find help.

I fiddled last night again with one of my problem Liteons and found that the draw will open if I don’t leave it empty, so try leaving a CD or DVD in it when you turn it off.

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You can move the 5001 near a desk top connect the drive cables a eject the disk using the computers commands.