Liteon lvw 500-1



need a hack to take off the macrovision, managed to region free it,but the
hack won’t take off the macrovision ,which it said it would.anyone help?
got a shed full of vhs need to copy. :confused:




Hi, Br. Martinus and Mr. Jones!

I have a liteon 5001 [0101-1242-0092-F2SC]. I am in the UK [Essex] and would like to update the firmware and if possible update as well to 5005. I downloaded the update zip file from, and when it was unpacked [using winzip or winrar made no difference] it revealed an *.ES3 file of about 2MB. When I burned this file using Roxio and placed the CD in the 5001, the CD was recognised as ‘data disc’ and I could not update the 5001.

I need to know how to unpack the *.ES3 file so I can create an ISO disc which these forums suggest is required from the single unpacked *.ES3 file I get from the Manufacturer.

If someone could then explain how I proceed to do the other updates [I understand two are required] and get the ISO discs for those updates to make it all happen I would be most grateful.

If possible please e-mail me direct; my e-mail is

Many thanks