Liteon LVW-1107HC1 problem

I’ve had my 1107HC1 for about a year now and it has performed flawlessly until now. The other day I was recording a DVD. On the next day when I went to watch the DVD I recorded the night before - when I loaded the disk into the 1107 it recognized the DVD as a new disk and went through the “New disk preparation sequence” rendering the disk useless. Does anyone know how to correct this? Thanks.

To me, it looks like the DVD recorder did not carry out the disc preparation process properly when the disc was originally loaded (before the recording was made), which if so, would mean that when the disc was loaded a second time, it would appear blank to the recorder thus causing an unwanted preparation process.

I would suggest trying a disc recovery utility on the disc to retrieve the video content, as it is likely that only the lead-in and table of contents got overwritten by the 2nd preparation process.

The following one (freeware) is worth a try, which claims to be able to recover damaged discs as a result of bad recording:

One other thing worth carrying out is running a DVD laser lens cleaning disc in the recorder, just in case it is a dusty lens that led to the drive incorrectly detecting the disc as blank.