"Liteon LVW-1105HC and protected content

I have recently purchased a “Liteon LVW-1105HC+ Divx DVD Recorder”. I have been trying into transfer my old video films onto DVD, but I can’t do some of them, because it says protected content. Is there any way around this? I have the latest firmware installed

Sounds like the contents are copy protected or have some bad sections that are being seen as copy protected by the 1105HC. If so, its working as designed. I had an 1105HC and don’t lnow of any hack that bypasses copy protection. There is a generic Liteon hack that will report that it worked but it actually does nothing.

The only way I know using the 1105HC is to run the VCR output through a box to “remove” the copy protection.

There is a Macrovision hack for the LiteOn firmware that will allow video tapes to be recorded onto the DVD recorder. It does work - I “backed up” a Disney tape the other day.

Go other to the LiteOn User’s Group forum and mooch around the threads over their to find out all you need.

Paul B


Unless you copied a Macrovisioned disk with an 1105-HC, I disagree with you. Liteon changed chipsets for models like the 1105HC and the hack does NOT work for those models (eg 1105-HC). It reports that it works but actually does nothing, as I said before.

I have a new 5055GDL+ and, as I said, I have successfully copied Disney videotapes using the hacked firmware. I agree that DVDs still seem to be protected in some way although I have managed to copy one DVD that wouldn’t copy before using the hacked firmware.

MR_WHITE was specifically interested in “trying to transfer my old video films onto DVD” which should still be possible with the hacked firmware on the newer models, as I have proved.

If you are certain that Macrovision isn’t being removed in any way on the 1105HC (for tapes or DVDs) then I’ll bow to your greater knowledge of the specifc product in question.

[B]Edit: I have just seen on the LiteOn User’s Group Forum that the 1105 can’t be hacked - I stand corrected![/B]


Paul B

I’d tried the hack program which is on here. It’s says it is patched it, but it hasn’t. I was thinking of trying one of them scart leads, which reckon they’ve remove macrovision. They are on eBay, been as there’s nothing out at the moment

What kind of box are you referring to? Also is there anything compatible in the US like the scarp cables in the UK that allows protected content from a vcr to be backed up?

Thanks Villa

Any news on a hacked firmware yet?