Liteon LVW-1105HC+ again

As you can probably tell, I have only just got this recorder, due to my 5006 breaking down, so I ask another question if that’s ok

I recently tried to play a disc with two folders containing series one and series two of a TV programme containing AVI / dvix files. It sees the first of folder ok, but it does not see the second folder, so I can’t play the content, I have pressed the button on the remote control, which says album but it still don’t work! Also When you put in a disc with multiple AVI / dvix files is there any way, You can see the content of the disc with this recorder from the TV screen?

One other thing that I am disappointed, is that it doesn’t support DTS audio.

Try Philips DVD Player that supports Mpeg files as well as mp3 formats :slight_smile:

Here is what it looks like:

Philips DVP642.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Can you tell us whether these folders were written in separate sessions on a DVD?

No they were written in a single session, I have now sorted out the problem it was the final extension when I changed it from .mpeg to .avi it now works ok, but it is a very disappointing considering the xbox plays them fine, I am quite disappointed by this recorder especially avi / dvix, playback as it is sometimes jerky!