LiteOn lvw 1105+ Failed Burn ! "Recovered !" (never Give Up)

Thought i would share this after searching for a solution to my problem and tryed a few things out from this forum to no avail !

Ok few days ago i connected my DV Camcorder with DV I-Link and set it off recording for 6Hrs it recorded for 6hrs 9mins or so no problem and i tryed to finalize the disc and it appeared to lock up after a while i decided to power off and try later however afer i did this it said invalid disc i was gutted at my hastiness to power off machine and feared it was lost.

Previuosly i had done exactly the same using the same ritek disc 8x but only recorded 3 hrs and it finalised ok but i did do a second disc right after that one and by accident unplugged the power lead when it was finalising and when i tryed next day it did not recognise disc however on that occasion i updated the firmware and it reconised the disc and finalised it ok so i have latest firmware.

Ok back to the dead 6 hr disc after reading various fixes and digging around for solutions with no luck i had a thought about Hot Swapping the disc !!!

Ok not familiar with that i suggest you only do this in desperation as it may damage your machine of course.

OK my machine is outta warranty now and after mailing Liteon they offered no help atall apart from try a different disc. so i thought professional cleaning thinking it may be bad lazer but decided agaisnt that and decided to try to clean it myself after reading the Panasonic cleaning process.
First i tryed another dvd player that just went down and cleaning worked a treat so that was great help thanx for that !
I was hopefull that the failed disc was cause of dirty lazer but when i opend up the liteon it was relatively clean unlike the other player that was hazy on the lazer, anyhow i tryed the clean and then tryed the disc back in with no luck still invalid disc. Before i started this i had all ready backed up the disc in question using nero as viewing the disc in nero showed it had open session and 2 tracks with 4.390 mb used i assumed it could be recovered somehow but coulnt find a solution or prog to do anything so i copied the disc like i said and used the copy which faied at like 99% with an unrecoverable read error but still made an image on pc. I burned an image of the master failed disc and used that for the testing and attempted recovery. Hope you follow me so far lol dont give up hope.

Breifly if you think the disc you got is unrecoverable by any means try the following !! with care !!!

First copy your disc in nero and burn an image
Open your liteon i guess this could work for any model not sure on the layout of others but on mine it has just 2 screws and 2 clips that hold the balance for the disc centre this plate also covers the lazer.
Ok the disc i failed i know was 6hrs 9mins to cut a long story short i recorded another disc from the tv for 6hrs 9mins which was short of the original by just a few seconds so for example if your 1hr disc failed record a disc for like 59mins 30sec. but do not finalize it !!!
ok so you have you failed disc and a sort of replacement disc of the same time or slightly less right.
With the disc you just recorded without finalizing in the machine goto disc tools and select finalize it spins the disc up of course you need the machine open and the screws removed so that you can effectively swap the disc and con the machine into finalising your failed disc (in actuall fact the copy you made rather than the original as it may destroy the original)
after it scans the disc it gives option to press “GO” at which point it would finalise the disc right ? Stop !!! do not press “GO” just wait and after some time not sure how long the disc will stop spinning and disengage !!!
Carefully remove the plate holding the disc in place and put your copy of your original you burned from your mater failed copy in then replace the plate mine hold on the clips no need for the screws.

Ok disc in place hit the “GO” button and cross fingers lol
After a few attempts i recovered first one hour then i recovered 2 hours before i was satisfied i got this right and attemted the whole disc !!!

In saying that i did all the trial and error so if you follow very carefully first time and think about how long your disc was recorded for and make another disc as sugested for slightly less time i figured that it may just con the machine into finalising the disc you failed originnaly !!! this didnt work everytime so you must use copies and be very patient.

Ok so i hit go and it went through the numbers and got to 92% where mine failed in the first place and stopped i feared it was gonna hang again but it popped up complete !!! woo hoo i tryed to play the disc and it works it recovered all but like a few seconds of the footage What A Result !!!

While experimenting using the same process i created a 2 hr chunk of the 6 hours but when played back the counter appeared to be inaccurate however to fix this i re-encoded the disc using winavi making it read the new 2hr disc and create seperate chapters from the vob files which it did and now the numbers count up to 2hrs perfectly !! i have not tryed this on the newly created 6hr disc i just finalised however i am very happy that my persistance paid off and i am not in the slightest bit worried at this time about the numbers allthought the 2 hour disc before re-encoding did appear to stop occasionally but only when flicking thru it on fast forward but it seems to be ok now its re-encoded.

This is a very time consuming process and has took me 3 days to try to figure it out but i hate to be beat and i hope that this post will maybe help someone else who thought they created a coaster and does not want to give up on the disc.

Whilst mine was just a recording of a party i appreciate that other events could be more precious and if you have such a disc that you thought you could never recover it may help you to do just that and im sure if your like me you would give it a go !!!

It was one hell of a party by the way !!! lol

Anybody have any luck with this please post or if anyone got any questions please ask ill try to help you !

Good Luck !!

wow what’s a party indeed :slight_smile: Lately my 5005 has been failing to finalize I might give it a try with this method.