Liteon lvw-1101hc1 dvd video problems

my aunt purchased the liteon lvw-1101hc1 at best buy a few months ago to use as a dvd player. god knows why she did this, but anyway, i put in a brand new dvd video in there and it says “invalid disc.” how do i get it to play (if it even does this at all)?

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The LVW-1101HC1 can both play DVDs as with any other DVD player, so assuming the disc she is trying to play is a regular DVD, there should no issue reading it. First, just make sure the disc is free of dust, fingerprints, cracks, scratches, etc. or try it in another DVD player just to make sure the disc itself is not at fault. If you have another video DVD handy, see if it will play this. If you have trouble playing other discs also, then there is likely a fault with the DVD recorder. :rolleyes:

That ‘Invalid Disc’ message means that the DVD recorder does not recognise the disc. If you are attempting to load a recordable blank disc, you will get this if you load a blank CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW or any DVD-RAM disc as the recorder cannot record on to these disc types and it can neither read nor write DVD-RAM media. To make a recording, you will need to get a DVD+R (write-once) or DVD+RW (re-writable like VHS) disc.

I have seen quite a lot of people who have a DVD recorder without realising that their ‘DVD player’ can also record DVDs. In a few cases where I asked the owner about their model, they went for their model in belief that it would be better built and give a better picture than those ‘cheaply built’ DVD players they see on sale everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand, maybe your aunt went for this recorder due to its size, since it is significantly smaller than even most DVD players.

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I need help, Please!

I have a liteon lvw-1101hc1 DVD recorder that i bought here in US. Currently i am trying to record or copy a family event that i recorded using a Canon MV700 DV recorder (a [B]PAL[/B] version) into a blank DVD via the the DV link jack. However when i am ready to record i don’t get any signal i get the NO signal symbol at the top.
Please help!