LiteOn LVW 1101 - Need Help Removing MV

I purchased a Liteon LVW-1101HC DVD recorder on Black Friday and am unable to copy DVDs from an external DVD player. It says, “protected content” and does not record.

I downloaded the latest firmware from Liteon, LNMBU018.DA3, then ran ILO Hacker v.1.5. After it modified the downloaded firmware, I burnt it to a CD and ran it in the DVD recorder. It updated the firmware and then I restored the system, but still have a problem w/MV.

This is from ILO / Liteon Firmware hacker;

“Searching file.
Found Macrovision Hex String at 0x002C5F70.
Removed Macrovision.
Could not find LP checksums. (Skipping LP Hack)
Added Region Free.
Saved Hacked file to…
C:\Documents and Settings\Vbennett\Desktop\Hacked\LNMBU018.DA3”

S/N is 0161-1140-0018-BC30 (0U30-0201)

I am doing something wrong or does the ILO Hacker not work for the LVW-1101???

Can anyone help me, offer suggestions or firmware to stop the MV?


I get the same problem. Any gurus out there with any ideas? Thanks in advance.

well from this post over here:

It seems that you can’t hack the firmware on the 1101’s using wizards stuff as it was made for a different chipset. The 1101 uses a mediatek chip and wizards stuff was made for the LSI chips. Oh well, maybe someone will figure out another way soon.

Anyone found any UK/EU firmware (am guessing the TW/US firmware may be dangerous as the US models don’t have SCART ?? Do you think?)