Liteon LVW-1101/1105 Series initializes DVD with data

My Liteon dvd writer is going crazy and makes me mad. I have lost two DVD’s with information in them. I have been recording these DVD+R’s in batches. Before I could close them, the writer suddenly complained that they are blank discs and initialized them for a blank disc that is ready to record. When I look at the dvd’s they still have the tracks.

Help please !!! This is a SOS call. I have videos impossible to replicate stored in these dvd’s. If i cant get them back, can I restore the information in them to another disc at least?

Should I throw my Liteon?


I tried closing (finalizing) the DVD’s and they wont. The process fails. The writer says “Change discs”. These are perfect DVD’s that I have been playing in the writer for a while.

Read this link…

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