Liteon Lvw-005



Liteon Lvw-005

i’ve read around the forums & seems issue i have with my burner is common.worked fine for best part of a year,then started to reject discs during
format then rejects them…not all media works in it…
i went to offical site & d/l the firmware & system update after my serial number was given…still have the same problem…now…
it seems to be giving me lots of incorrect disc to discs that played ok before … firmware update i got was LNFB1000.D20…

anyone got any ideas on this ? thanks…

uk s/n 0102-0243-0071-g289(201.010b)


Sounds like your burner is dying, fortunately you can replace the burner with a Liteon-based PC burner.

Look at the first few sticky threads on this site on drive replacements for the 5005.

Here’s a site ( you might be interested in where it has all the firmware you need for your 5005 under the archive link.

By your S/N I see that you are still at the official 0071 firmware version.

I would recommend that you update with the UK 0098 hacked, read the information on the smart hacker and pass the official 0098 through the hacker tool, burn and install the resulting hacked firmware file.

The hacking tool does not work on the firmware higher than 0098. If you do install higher than 0098 and later want to apply the hacked version you’ll need to revert the unit back to the official 0098 first, then apply the hacked 0098 to get it to work. Because your unit is still at the 0071 level, the easiest steps to update at the hacked 0098 level now.

The hacking tool was develop for Liteon and Liteon-based models in region 1 to make them region free, add the 3hr (LP) mode to those units that didn’t have it already and disable Macrovision.

The tool will read the firmware file and only change the data for the LP mode (if needed), disable Macrovision and drop the region number by one, in north america that means from region 1 to 0 (free). If the tool is used on firmware for units outside north america you need to do the remote hack to render your 5005 region free.
The remote hack is;

  1. press setup
  2. cursor and sit on exit
  3. press 2960 on remote and it opens a hidden region setting menu, set it on 0.

If you apply the hacked 0098 version now, before you change the drive, your S/N will read 0102-0243-00[B]98[/B]-g289([B]11[/B]1.010b).

The “71” will change to “98” (firmware), the first digit in brackets is the region (before 2 now 1, with the hack, dropped by one, need to do the remote region hack to drop it to 0 in the UK), the second digit in brackets is the Macrovision (o=enable, 1=disable).

The last four digits on the S/N string (G2B9) identifies the drive’s firmware version, in this case, a Liteon 451s burner, if you change the drive, that number will change to the new drive’s firmware version.

Come back with any questions you might have.

Good Luck.


Thanks for reply…i did go to the liteon site & with my serial number get
a firmware update…this brought me up to -0080-.trouble now is…i tried to update to the UK 0098 system & drive firmware but when the disc goes in it says file & won’t go further…i tried re booting the recorder with disc in drive several times but still no joy…is there any reason why the firmware now refuses to update past 0080 ? i tried bothe versions…hacked unhacked…



Sorry forgot to add. if it turns out the drive is on the way out…
what is the best replacement for it & where ? thanks…


i decided to take a look at the inside…drive is ddw 451s

the main board serial is lvw5001b …

i’m confused…is the 5005 using the same board as the 5001 ?


Yes, it’s the same, the 5005 is based on the 5001, just more features.

Here’s a link to the replacement drive thread, the just of it is that newer Liteon drives higher than model 1693 will not be able to fast forward on DVD+Rs or commercial dvds, I get away with it by leaving the auto chapter at 5 minutes, chapter up and rewind, it will FF on RWs. Other than that, the burners perform perfectly otherwise, even better than the original I would say.

You will need to mode the 5005 and the front of the drive tray slightly to make the drive fit. Here are the links to compatible drive models and to instructions and a couple of pictures on how to change the drive in the 5005.

Good Luck.


For firmware application, make sure that you burn the file and not just copy on CD, only one file on the CD, don’t rename the file and finalize.

Just before you apply it go to setup, and do a system restore then load up the CD. I have multiple Liteon based recorders and I used to catch myself forgetting about the restore step when I upgrade my units.


Did you follow instruction at link given by CrazyCanuck and in particular step #8, “In the Setup menu of the unit, look for “Restore” and select it. (unit will do a system restore).” See list of 5xxx replacement drives in read first sticky at top of this forum. The LiteOn 1693 and earlier models are fully functional replacements as is Benq DW-1620 albeit difficult to find them. Modles past 1693 will lack VCD recording and will freeze on fast forward ( with exception of Sony DRU-120C aka DW-G120A doesn’t freeze on fast forward), but all other DVD functions are retained. FYI the LiteOn SHW-160P6S and SHM-165P6S may be cross flashed to Sony DW-G120A to regain normal fast forward function if that’s important to you.


Thank for help on this…so board is ok…thats good…
when i had the ddw 451s hooked to my pc i tried burning & all seemed
good…it even took discs it usually spits out in the recorder…

i’ll give the firmware update another try…i did system restore & when i restart the recorder the info says…data disc & spits it out…

the disc burnt is good i think as i did it the same for first firmware update to bring machine up to 0080 from 0071…

my main use for this is to record programs from tv…
fast forwarding etc wouldn’t bother me too much not working…

question…the replacement drives…do they play /record on more brands of dvd now ?
i quickly hooked up my drive from pc to recorder…its a liteon Ldw 145s…it gave the same error messages when i tried to load newer
dvd’s i recorded …

if as people suggest to go to earlier firmware 0098 to benifit from
3 hour mode & region free…does this mean it wil lmake it harder to get newer blanks to work ? thanks…


If the 5005 has a new drive in it and you load firmware, it will skip the part for the drive because it doesn’t recognize it, it’s not the 451s, so only the system update will occur so it doesn’t affect disc compatibility.

You need to update the drive’s firmware version via your PC, set the region and test play a commercial disc. This will bring the drive to the most recent update before you install in the recorder and it will recognize more discs, well, to the point of release of the drive’s firmware.

Not sure if I’m reading your post properly, do the restore, then load the disc, I would not leave the disc in and power down and up again, that might confuse the 5005.


Thanks for reply…it’s got to the stage where i think i’ll buy a new drive & coax it into the chasis…i’m looking at a liteon LH-20A1P atm…it’s in the
list of replacement drives so it should be ok for me i hope…
last question on this…
if i buy & put the drive in the recorder…the system boards firmware is updated already…will i be able to have the hacked option to enable 3 hour
record time ? i checked & this drive has a firmware update & can this be opened in the tool used to hack the 0098 file & give same results ?



I thought I had replied, but it seems not to have posted, sorry if it gets duplicated.

The 0098 firmware has 2 components, system and drive upgrade, the LP/MV/Region Free files are on the system update, the drive update deals with the 451s for issues like proper writing/playing and media compatibility, nothing to do with the hack.

If the board is already updated you only need to install the new drive and you’re ready to go. For those who already changed their drives and would like to apply the hack firmware, what will happen is that it will proceed with the system file update and just skip the drive update as it’s not the 451s anymore, that’s fine.

Don’t use the tool on the LH-20A1P drive firmware, no need, it won’t do anything.

FYI, I have the LH-20A1P in one of my ILO HD04s (half-size clone of the Liteon 5045) and works great except for the fast forward of course.


For best media compatibility you may want to update to latest firmware and then down grade to 0098 firmware and run hack program. I and other have done this resulting in fixing a 61x media problem and regain hack advantages, and there’s a step by step how it was done at

However, your biggest problem may be eliminating the data disk message and getting the update to run. This data disc message is generated when the first 2 sets of 4 digits (0102-0243 for your unit) don’t match, and the link doesn’t show that info for firmwares. I’ve seen a number of posts in this forum where other users with 0102-0243 units were experiencing the same update problem.


Thanks for reply…the data /file message sure is a problem…
i bought a new liteon DH-20A4p yesterday & did as was recomended…
hooked it to my pc & got the latest firmware then played a dvd to set the region…

after some adapting to make it fit ,it works very well…it takes all the newer
dvd rws i tried in it…these are tdk dvdrw 1-4x & maxell dvd rw 1-4x .
both erase just fine & so far i have recorded a 1 hr program then checked it played ok…it did…then it reads in my pc drive & is readable to dvd shrink…

then the two hour test works just as well…so the new drive is working very well & is nice n quiet…

so…still asking stupid questions here…

is it the dvd drive that firmware gets hacked on to enable 3hr record & mv remove or the system/board firmware ?

& does anyone have the hacked 098 firmware with same digits as mine ? 0102-0243


Glad to hear you got it working, I also have the DH-20A4H (light scribe model) as a spare, of course no fast forward on Rs and commercial dvds.

No questions are stupid, they only need to be answered. As I mentioned earlier the 3hr/MV/Region free hack only applies to the system, not the drive, so as soon as your system is properly hacked at 0098, all is left to do is to replace the drive in the future.

The only precaution, do not be tempted to upgrade any further than the hacked 0098, there’s no system related improvement past 0098, only media compatibility for the 451s and enabling MV back even though the hack result will say it’s removed it’s back on.

As you do not have a 451s in it anymore, no need for any further updates passed 0098, you’re up to speed.


Thanks yep…i’m happy with the drive now…
still would like the 3hr record & mv removed…
so has anyone got the 0098 firmware that matches my digits 0102-0243.
from what was said…this is the problem with the disk saying data/file etc.

" so as soon as your system is properly hacked at 0098, all is left to do is to replace the drive in the future "
nice to know when this drive will decide to call it a day it can be replaced & recorder is still useable…

so just the 0098 firmware issue for the board to sort out now…


Well after further searching, might be that the UK 5005(102) board might have a different firmware numbering scheme than in the US.

Look at this link;,

It appears that the reference in bracket to 0102 might be referring to the board and not the firmware version.

I would try the hacked v063. For some reason it seems that the file name contains (_modified) meaning hacked.

I would burn it as is first, if it doesn’t work, I would then remove the “_modified” from the title, leave it as “LNFB2063.D00” and burn and try again.

Good Luck


The hack is supposed to work on 0098 and earlier firmware, and 0080 seems to be latest firmware for your unit according to LiteOn site. You might try running the hack program on the 0080 firmware you have to see if that gives macrovision removal, 3 hour recording and region free.


Thanks Bevills, I would try to hack the 0080 file first. In principal the hacking tool on the 0080 and firmware application on the UK 5005(102) should work fine. Let us know.


Thanks again…

i tried the LNFB2063.D00 file & it’s the same old story of dat file etc…
so it’s a no no…i hacked the 0080 firmware file i downloaded from the
liteon site & updated th sys board again…updated ok…3hr option is there & mv is removed…testing this as we speak, backing up some scooby doo videos for my daughter & all seems good…so little bit of success there…still, i’d like the 0098 hacked firmware if it’s available to me for my serial number as the update must have fixed some bugs etc the 0080 still has…

so if anyone has the 0098 hacked firmware for the serial number like mine
0102-0243 ? …much appreciate a copy …
many thanks…