LiteOn LVC-9015G

Can someone please help me. I need to find the firmware update and macrovision hack for this model. I can’t find this model # on the liteon website or anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help!

I just bought this LVC-9015G model and wondering if i can add a Harddisk to this. Any information on this model??


Sofar I also failed to unlock the region. Tried a couple of things:

  1. Went to setup mode, and placed my cursor on the exit button and pressed 2,9,6,0. Typically this works for LiteOn players, unfortunately not for this one.
  2. Right Clicked and entered 8000…also did not work
  3. Since the 9015G model is similar to the 9006 model and no firmware is yet available for the 9015G, I downloaded the 9006 firmware and used ILO / LiteOn SMART Firmware Hacker to erase the region limitation. This all went well until the 9006 firmware instruction tells you to “Befor insert upgrade CD, please press “source” button until Lite-On “Logo Screen” shows up.” I never could get the logo screen going …
    Anybody has any idea how to get the logoscreen on the LiteOn 9015G…THANKS

Closed captioning is disabled on this recorder like other Lite-On recorders. I could really use a firmware fix to enable this! Date of manufacture is Aug. 2005, yet the Lite-On site is still devoid of any updates for this device.

Did anybody approach LiteOn about a firmware patch for the 9015? Sent them a mail the other day but have not heard from them yet.
What does ‘closed captioning is disabled’ mean?

I just sent them an email this evening too. What I specifically asked about what technical differences between the 9006 and 9015, and wether there would be updates or even an online manual for the 9015 any time soon. Will let you all know what I get back.

@witz02 - The 2,9,6,0 code worked fine for me, though I have no DVDs from other regions (yet). Also, when they say press the source button until the logo screen, they mean keep pressing it, not hold it down. Eventually you should get an input (DVD or VHS both I think) that’ll have their logo on the screen if nothing is playing. As per trying to use the 9006 firmware, I myself am quite hesitent to try that… especially w/o a copy of the current firmware on hand. While they are most very similar, the differences might be just enough that you might end up with an over-sized brick. :wink: Personally, I’m good w/ waiting untill the first updated f/w from LiteOn for the 9015.

I was mistaken about the nonfunctional closed captions. I just needed a better antenna signal. :wink:

@CloudHackIX - After reading your message I went back to the player, entered the 2960 code and miraculously it worked - :clap: GREAT :clap: - I thought I was dreaming when the region screen popped up. Not sure why it worked this time.
Unfortunately I still could not get the LiteOn logo on the screen. For over one minute I pressed on and off quickly the source button. Do you have any idea where I went wrong?
It is going to be interesting to see what LiteOn responds to your question regarding the differences between the 9006 and the 9015G. It may be that the 9015G is just a Circuit City version of the 9006 with a white faceplace/strip instead of a black one. I’ll keep you updated if they respond to my firmware question.
Many THANKS for pushing me back on the right track!

It may be that the 9015G is just a Circuit City version of the 9006 with a white faceplace/strip instead of a black one.

I also think this is likely. The device was ONLY available from Circuit City and is now no longer on the site with no other etailers offering it either. It seems this may be a discontinued unit and rather exclusive, so getting firmware updates for it specifically might be a hassle. :doh:

Please let us know what either of you discover about this unit versus the 9006 and/or the firmware situation.

I find that I sometimes have to power cycle the device when I’m not getting captions. They also seem somewhat inaccurate, even on DVDs, which is even more surprising. A firmware update may be in order.

Yes, it may be an exclusive version for Circuit City. However, they have previously had semi-exclusive models for Sears and released firmware. There is a manual for the LVC-9015G on the site at:

I too hope someone can find out the differences between 9006 and 9015, other than the face plate and model number.

Just an observation. The downloaded manual for the LVC-9015G doesn’t have the LiteOn logo, not even on the illustrations of the remote or title page. The LVC-9006 has LiteOn on illustrations. Also, the remotes are different based on the illustration.

Okay, after doing a lot of digging online, using various search engines, this is what I believe I have discovered about the LVC-9006 and LVC-9015G. The 9006 is listed on several websites as being unavailable and/or a discontinued model. I have found two websites that announced the 9015 in August 2005 and say that it should be available in November. Since it is just debuting, and there are still 9006’s on the market, it might explain the lack of a listing on the LiteOn website. What are thoughts on this hypothesis?

Announcement of product:

Or, they found out that the unit had a bug …
In the meantime I learned that

  • The 9015G is similar to the 9006 but has a G code function which allows for timer recording
  • The 9006 firmware cannot be used for the 9015
  • The 9015 firmware will be released soon
    However, this all does not totally jive. A strategy of introducing a new unit with an additional feature at a lower price is hard to understand. I fear that we are still missing a piece of the puzzle.

True, part of the puzzle is probably still missing. But technology drops in price with competition and there are more products on the market and the prices of those are also less than they were a year ago. I guess we should stay tuned for further information.

After a very positive article review I purchased the 9015G combo about 3 weeks ago primarily to copy old VHS tapes to DVD. I had 2 kinds of home movie tapes. Those taken with my Toshiba vhs camcorder; and those which had earlier been filmed with a Zenith betamax camcorder and thereafter from the beta tapes to vhs. Concurrent with the 9015G combo purchase I also picked up some Maxell dvd-R discs for the tape to disc copied media. The initial copying from the Toshiba vhs tape was successful. However, attempts to copy from the “beta content” tape was not and I ended up with the unit reflecting “disc invalid” on the screen and “failed” on the display. I thereafter tried yet another transfer from a Toshiba vhs tape (which had previously been successful) and likewise got the invalid/failed indications.

I then contacted Lite-on’s tech support by phone and was simply told that there were quality control issues with the Maxell (and Memorex) brand discs with recommendation to use Sony discs.

So I bot some Sony dvd+R and +RW discs to try. Again, the copying from tape generated by the Toshiba vhs camcorder was successful on the +R disc. But the attempted copying to +R of tape with beta transferred content yielded the afore-mentioned invalid disc/failed messages. (As an aside, a frustrating aspect of this copying process is that one doesn’t find out that it has failed until the attempted copying is completed.) So I then tried copying the tape with beta transferred content to the Sony dvd+RW disc and thought it had succeeded (no finalization necessary with the +RW format). But, upon playing back I discovered that the disc had copied only a few initial minutes of the tape… and then simply stopped.

I sent an e-mail to Liteon support outlining the above and inquiring if I might simply have a unit with defective hardware and should return or exchange. The initial terse reply was that I should return it to the retailer (Circuit City). So I decided to exchange it for a like unit since am still within the 30 day return/exchange period. Had not yet set up the exchanged unit when then received another e-mail from Lite-on support recommending that I check any potential discs using DVDInfoPro re possible defects.

So that’s where things now stand re the combo and have at this time not set-up the newly exchanged unit pending installing the DVDInfoPro (v.4.5) and meandering around this website learning much about dvd quality issues and problems of which I had been unaware… I had believed that all manufactured discs were of same quality standards. Am now trying to somewhat master the DVDInfoPro program… but when I insert a disc into my computer dvd drive (ROM 16x max. play/ e-machines 2.3GHz) the program message replies to the effect of “media not inserted”. Am hesitant to set-up the new Lite-on 9015G unit until can be able to assess the discs will be using… so seem to be kind of “stuck” at this point but with another few days or so to again return the new unit if I throw up my hands in despair.

Well, that’s my adventure with the 9015G combo to date.

An additional comment re the Lite-on support e-mail which was received on 12/2/05. In addition to the DVDInfoPro reference it was indicated that the manufacturer’s website would also be providing firmware “soon” in order to help with any problems re the combo.

My PC’s been down for quite a while, sorry for the delayed response ^.^;

@witz02: I assume since you reference that the 9006’s FW doesn’t run the 9015G, that you’ve managed to get the Logo Screen up? If not, should just be a matter of cycling through each input source untill one shows the logo (IE, DVD w/o a disc loaded)

Glad to finally see a reference to the 9015G on LiteOn’s site, and hope felinesforall’s response was truthfull! Can’t wait to get a copy of the FW for this thing so I can start playing around w/ it. :wink:

Cloudhack: Just to clarify. Didn’t intend to indicate that I saw a reference to the 9015 combo on the Lite-on website. In fact, my most recent check of a few days ago was that it continued to be limited to its predecessor 9006 combo. It was by e-mail that I had connected with a Lite-on tech. Incidentally, re newly exchanged 9015 combo, it has been successfully copying from VHS tapes made from my Toshiba camcorder to DVD. I have been using Sony +R discs which I noted after purchase were Japan manufactured versus prior Sony +R discs that were Taiwan made. In reviewing other threads on this site re media quality, there appeared to be some suggestions that Taiwan manufactured discs were often less predictable re quality than those originated from Japan so we shall see.

Finally, have not yet tried copying to disc from the VHS tapes containing home movies originally made and transferred from my old betamax camcorder. If that still persists as a problem, than my hope is that it will be remedied when Lite-on releases the firmware for the 9015 combo… which the tech claimed was pending. Otherwise, I intend to keep the unit.

An additional comment. I installed the DVDInfoPro software which was recommended by the Lite-on tech to check disc quality. But it simply didn’t seem to be functional (or, perhaps I just was unable to correctly utilize it)… so I just dumped it. I’ve seen stuff about a “Nero” program which is also used for evaluating disc quality but fear that at this point am too much of a novice to try to understand it.

Actually, it’s only on one of their sites:

Unfortunately, it’s only the manual so far and no FW update.

Cloudhack: I had indeed noticed that the manual was on the website… in fact, when first listed it was i.d.'d as for the lvc-9105g combo!! I hope that’s not representative of their quality control.