Liteon LTR48246S to LTR52246S

If you do this flash, will you actully see the performance gains?

Plus will it also be ok beaten the CD protections?

Is there anyproblems flashing with certain LTR52246S firmware or is the latest OK?

Whats mtkflash for?

mtkflash it the tool used to flash, or backup your firmware.

You will see a very slight performance increase since you are only increasing from 48x to 52x, but little or no increased ability to copy. Any LTR52246S firmware will work on your LTR48246S.

I am also getting the 48246S because my Ricoh crapped out :slight_smile:

Anyway, with regard to flashing this to the 52x model, I have a few questions.

  1. Are the 48x and the 52x indentical mechanically and physically etc and the only difference is the firmware?
  2. Can someone point me to the best firmware to use to flash to the 52x model, and also what software (exact links please)
  3. What does 6S0D, 6S0C etc mean.

Please help me flash it with the best 52x firmware for it. I am a newbie to all those and dont want another dead drive :wink:

Thanks for all your help.

  1. Yes, AFAIK
  2. Download the latest firmware update from and use xFlashFix to patch it so that it will flash your drive.
  3. 6S0C, and 6S0D are firmware versions released by Lite-ON for the LTR-52246S