LiteOn LTR48246s and SafeDisc v2.8x

Can this burner copy SafeDisc protections over v2.51??

If it can, what programs can I use?

If it can’t, can the LTR52246s or Asus 52x burner beat versions of SafeDisc over v2.51??

yes it can. u can use alcohol, clonecd, or blindwrite. the 52246S is practically the same drive except its max burn speed is 52x instead of 48x.

Originally posted by CoLd FuSiOn
can the … Asus 52x burner beat versions of SafeDisc over v2.51??

Yes the ASUS can too

Can it beat v2.81?

I’ve tried to burn The Sims: Unleashed and Medal of Honor: Spearhead Expansion using Clony XXL v2.0.1.4a protection detector, CCD4 profiler v1.2 and CloneCD v4.2.0.2 using Prodisc 48x brand CD-R’s, but with no luck.

I gave up on trying to copy safedisk 2.8 games with cloneCD. it was very hit and I usee alcohol 120% on them. I use a toshiba 1612 as a reader and a lite on 48246S as the burner.

Originally posted by CoLd FuSiOn
Can it beat v2.81?

Yes but it’s hit or miss with clonecd. Use alcohol or the discdump/fireburner combo and you won’t have any problems.

I just made a succsessful copy of both disks for Rainbow 6 III SD2.8 last night with Blindwrite 2.5 on an overclocked memorex 48maxx now seen as a lite-on 52246s came out right first try… installed from the backup and can play it no problem from my cd-rom drive ( not the burner without hiding the atip)… as this game is very new I’m guessing it has the latest or close to it version of SD2.8

made the images at 1x to 40x max and did the burn on disk 2 ( only this one is protected) at 4x the other at 40x … both on 16x TY disks and a second copy on some CMC memorex cool color disks rated for 48x… both work fine