Liteon LTR48125w

did i get gyped by bying this drive. Because of the 5 chipset that means that no matter what i won’t be able to overclock to a 52x unless it also had a 5 chipset?

Are you really that upset that someone is going to have a drive a whole 10 seconds faster?

yes i am. I am alsways trying to acheive the fastest burn of anyone on my block. And to rub it in their faces:bigsmile:

The only Turbo firmware for series 5 is VS02. There you got some faster burning even in lower speeds.


so do you reccomend i change from vso8 to vso2?

If you want speed, Yes chose VS02.

But if you want a litle more qualité, use your VS08. :slight_smile:


Why? VS02 is only faster if you burn at 40x or less…

Yes, thats true. I forgot to point it out. :slight_smile: But it’s the only Turbo VS02 got. :slight_smile: hehe


well i have yet to get 48x discs, i have 40x. So i will play with it see what i get.