LiteOn LTR 52327S Read Error

Ever since i installed the LTR 52327S in my computer it has not been able to read cd’s or even write them without an unexpected error. Every time i try to read a cd or autoplay it, i get this error E:/ is not a valid win32 application. I dont know what the problem is, I am running Windows XP Professional with the newest firmware and i never had this error before when i had a lower model Liteon burner.

no one knows how to fix this error?!?!?! im sure someone else had to have gotten this error before

Well first we need some info, like ur computer specs, what happens when you insert CDs, and if the CD you are trying works in anything else.

ok well its basically a read error because it will not read any cd i put in there…for some reason though it notices the cd recordables and i am able to burn with nero but it will not read the cd after its finished and when trying to get the error
F:\ is not a valid win32 application
any cd i try will not read in the Liteon but when i put it in my other drive the it reads them fine

here are my specs

Processor - AMD Athlon™ XP 2200+ 1.4 GHz
BIOS - ASUS - 42302e31 Award Modular BIOS v6.0, 04/29/02
Memory - 512 DRAM
MASTER DRIVE : Drive C: 120 GB
SLAVE DRIVE : Drive D: 40 GB
SLAVE DRIVE : Drive F: LiteOn LTR 52327S
Operating System - Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1

Well first off, since it’s been that way since you installed it then it may be broken. I would go and get ir replave if it’s still under warranty. If not though you can try cleaning it, though I think something is just broken on the inside, like the optical lens.

i thought that could be it too but we bought two of these drives and i tried both of them and the same thing happened and then the other one was put into my cousins machince who is the same as mine and it works fine

Perhaps it is your IDE configuration, try setting it all by itself. If that doesn’t work then I got no clue, cause I have one and it works with about everything you got. Except I got a P4 chip. Also try reinstalling the drivers.

i dunno im pretty sure i tried it all by itself already but i think ill try it again…are there any like drivers from liteon for it like besides the standard ones from XP? because i have tried uninstalling the driver letting it find it automatically again and nothing works

Naw, they don’t have any other drivers, in fact they tell u to use XPs. I would tell you to try and update your BIOS and firmware, but that’s not always a good idea. Cause I can’t think of anything else that could cause it. Please use at your own risk.

yea i was thinking about updating my bios but i was gonna wait because i might bring it back to the people i bought my cpu from because its still under warranty and if i update the bios i lose the warranty

That’s why I say use at your own risk.

I had this error myself with any optical drive in my computer a long time ago while I still was running w2k.

To be honest I was unable to find the problem and ended up formatting my computer and reinstalling everything. That fixed it so it’s some software related problem.

What IDE drivers are you using? Do you know what chipset your mainboard have?.

i already formatted the cpu and that did not fix it…i dont really know what drivers or chipset i got

Arg, same problem here with the two models of 52327S i bought last week. :confused:

It can write perfectly, but fails to read correctly lots of CD’s ! I thought i scratched my game cd at first, then i realized they were fine but that the LiteOn was unable to read correctly.

CD Audio (Life For Rent cd, not copy-protected) always gives me strange noises for the very first seconds of music. :frowning:

Edit : my config’ :
Abit KR7-A / Xp1800+ / Seagate 7200.7 120gb primary master / liteon sec master / creative dvd 6x sec slave.
Via interleave installed, vcool with PCI delay transaction & cpu-pci write buffer…

The other config with the liteon : K7ncr18D / barton 2500+ / Ibm 120gb (last gen) primary master / lite on sec master / Sony DvD 16x sec slave.
ForceWare installed.

finally someone else with the same problem…keep me posted if you figure out how to fix it

JUST AS I THOUGHT ! I upgraded the firmware and it changed… peanuts :wink:

But i limited its reading speed to 40X (nero cdspeedand) for the moment (testing with a vidéo cd, my dido audio cd; more data cd to come), it seems to read OK, plus i don’t have to worry about the xploding cd’s risk !!!

Try it, i nearly jump for joy for the moment :slight_smile:

already tried that i got the latest firmware on it QSOC