LiteOn LTR-52327S or ASUS CRW-5224A , which is better and more futureproof?

I want to ask these questions:

Which of these three writers would you recommend:
The LiteOn LTR-52327S
or the ASUS CRW-5224A
or the TEAC CD 552E

Are all three capable of two-sheep-burning ?
Which is better in handling new and upcoming Safedisk and Securom protections for making backups ?
which is supposed to be more futureproof, cause i read somewhere that SD will target LiteON ?

Thanks in advance,

By using the Search button you would have probably come up with this thread.

This should start you off on the Asus and Liteon.

here you go …i say go with the LiteON …why i have the Asus drive but it can only do up to SafeDisc 2.8 and cannot go any higher that is why iam selling it for 40 dollars…i do not have that LiteOn drive …so i cannot really say if that one can do SD2.9

but MSI, Lg, and BenQ are releasing new drives within weeks as 52x32x52 standards but i dont know if they will be able to defeat SD2.9…i made a post to see if “cdfreaks” can get a hold of one of these drives and do a thorough “protection” test to see if they work …but that is my scoop …no Asus sorry bud

I’d recommend the Lite-On. I’ve heard that the ASUS drives don’t have as high write quality as Lite-On drives.

I’d wait to see which can burn the soon to be released Safedisc 3.1!

Originally posted by Serpeant
I’d wait to see which can burn the soon to be released Safedisc 3.1!

Are there any drives that support this? Dose Plextor Premium write Safedisc 3.1?