LiteOn LTR-52327S NEW FIRMWARE FROM 2003/11/25

HI, new firmware for Liteon :slight_smile:

2003/11/25 Solve Sub-Channel data reading error problem

have fun - test the new FW -


PS: It would be nice if someone could test the new firmware
with SD2.9/3.1 copy-protection and post the new infos !!!

its ok ive tried it…didnt notice it doing any better with sd2.9 games backups than before though…it works though i can confirm that.

i don’t know about the disc’s with s.d 2.9 or 3.1 but when i tested a disc i just burned for c1 and c2 errors the speed went upto 53.03x believe it or not.
this seems to be good firmware for reading discs but i am not so sure whether it helps enhancing writing performances.