Liteon LTR-52246S 6S02

Ok, just picked up a Liteon LTR-52246S 6S02.
Nero 5582 does not identify it and upon selcting choose recorder, there is only the option for “image recorder”, with the adapter as virtual drive.

When i create an iso and choose the files to burn to a cdr, a window always appears promting for me to create an image file instead of burning files from the HD to cdr in one go.

So i thought i better update nero to the current version of 55917.

However, before installation of nero starts the box pops up sayiung that i have a previous version of nero installed. When i press remove i am told that it cannot remove.
(as when i try to uninstall nero from add/remove progs in win xp pro, i9 get a similar message saying that it cannot remove.

Can someone please help. This is really annoying.

you may need to reboot prior to the uninstall, and don’t forget to uninstall InCD too.
You may also need to search the registry for Nero/Ahead and delete all the appropriate keys.

found the unnero.exe reg key in

hk local machine/software/microsoft/currentversion/uninstall/nero…

then from run:


seemed to have unistalled ok, just going to reboot to test.

fingers crossed


That worked.
Just burned a 680MB cd in 2mins 10 secs. :o

Here’s a pic of how nero detected the new drive, is this all correct, or do i need to change any other setings:

see the bit that says virtual drive, that’s what i was on about before :slight_smile:

BTW:, what is mount retainer.
And what is that file located at for, do i need it.
( )

thanks for the help.

are these results via cd speed using a liteon cdr (came with the drive) about right, im sure that the burst rate should be higher though


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BTW:, what is mount retainer.

Mount Rainier