Liteon LTR-48246S Problem burning cds

posted this in the other forum but thought id try here as well.

I have a liteon LTR-48246S and have burned numerous cds in the past. I recently bought a 8rda+ and upgraded to windows xp pro. I have burnt about 5 cds so far but when I went to burn one today it stopped about 20% through and turned my cdr into a coaster. I have tried numerous times to burn cds after this and it refused to even recongnize that I am putting cdrs into it. Once I do finally get it to burn it pauses right at the beginning of the burn process for a few minutes and spits out a coaster. Funny thing is, it plays my cds and games flawlessly.

I have sp1 installed and all the via drivers in there. I also went ahead and updated the adaptec driver to X.72 or something in that area. Any suggestions on getting this fixed would be appreciated!

Thanks brothas.


Have you checked to make sure that DMA is enabled for the burner?

How do you enable dma in win xp?

I just checked your mainboard and concluded that your Epox 8RDA+ is a board based on the NVidia Nforce2 chipset. I think that it woule be wise to install NVidia chipset drivers, instead of VIA chipset drivers ;).

Please do so and test again.

(ps there have been problems with burning in Windows XP with NF2 based systems; if you’re experiencing these problems, reverting the IDE drivers back to the MS drivers for your writers channel will probably be the solution!)

lol. Actually I have both type of boards and yes I did install the nf2 drivers. I flashed to the newest firmware for this drive and now I have lost cd reading capability. Anyone know which firmware is the best? Also, I tried what you told me and it seemed to work but i can now neither read or write from that drive. I believe my problem was the ide drivers at first but now its this new firmware. ANy suggestions on flashing to a working firmware?



Dude the exact same thing happened to me. Just stopped working one day. All I had to do was unistall and then reinstall the drivers, worked like a charm. May be some loose wires or bad firmware but try that.