LiteON LTR 48125W Write Quality

For all you people who have had problems with their Liteon 48125 saying that CDspeed scanddisc picks up yellow sectors i think i may have found the reason!!!
For some reason if you read some of the cds you have just burned or burned earlier and read them at the drives max speed in scandisc there seem to be yellow blocks. I used nero drive-speed to limit the read speed to 40x speed and it came up with all good sectors but at 48 it came up with loads of yellow ones. It seems this drive will read the recorded cds fine at anything below 48x speed but not at 48x speed without errors.

What do you make of this?

P:S Maybe because this drive was orginally a 40x speeder at the liteon factories? If you read the liteon faq youll notice that this drive is just a 40125w with a new firmware so liteon company just overclocked this drive to make it a 48125w so they didnt have to go a design a new one.
Cant think of any other reason but it still burns at 48x fine so im not worried!

That’s interesting because I posted this problem in the forum a while back and I thought it was the VS08 FW. My LTR-40125S overclocked with VS08 has this problem but does not when converted back to a 40X LTR-40125S. Your theory appears to have some merits. I wonder if the previous VSxx fWs would fare better.

Your observations agree with my own…
Except that my 48125W VS08 was a native 48125W (not OCed).
Also, I didn’t start having these issues until a week or so after I upgraded the firmware.

I DID, however, notice that if the drive was told to read at the slower speed it would usually read fine.

In hindsight I should have tested my drive (since replaced) with the VS06 FW again to make sure that the VS08 was the cause. Oh well…

In the end this doesn’t conflict with anything that you have said… I just thought I’d add to the pot. :slight_smile:


It’s pretty common knowledge that lower read speeds mean less read errors. One of the ways to separate the marginal discs from the good ones is to read them at full speed. It’s the nature of read errors. Every drive responds differently to them, and the same drive responds differently on repeated readings.
But that doesn’t change the fact that that a “good” disc is readable at any speed. A good burn will read with no errors at full speed.

As someone else in the forum said is that after a few weeks they started seeing errors in their discs while reading at max speed this is what happened to me? Dont know why this happens it seems with liteon 48125w they see more errors after a few uses. Anyway who wants to read at 48x there is more chance of your cd being pulled apart inside the drive causes a nice shattering noise! I reccomend 40xit is the safest option. If i disk shatters in your drive it wont be too good.

P:S My drive is not overclocked but if you actually read through over clocking forums youll notice that the 48125w orginated from a 40x cdr drive.

I also read that if you use your discs in other drives to test for the errors they dont appear? Must be some reading problem with the 48125w reading. Anyway every drive sees errors deferintly depends on the drive reading mechanism. Erros may appear on one drive but not the other.