LiteOn LTR-40125S

Just got mine today :slight_smile:

The Firmware revision is ZS08

If anyone wants this firmware, just let me know. lol, on second thought, tell me how to extract a copy of the Firmware, cause I have never done this before :slight_smile:

If you feel confortable using DOS and are not afraid to try this, you can extract the firmware in BIN format using MKTFlash

Make a system (bootable) floopy then copy MTKFLASH.EXE to it and reboot with the floopy in the diskette drive.

The command line format is:
MTKFLASH.EXE <IDE port - 3 is for Secondary Master> /R <this is to Read the firmware> /B:<This is for Backing up the firmware, type the FILENAME.BIN yopu want it to have>

Typing MTKFLASH.EXE /? gives the full list of options without executing anything, if you want to know more. For example, the /W parameter lets you flash the drive with a BIN file…

HTH :slight_smile:

PS: Tell us first how it burns by making a simulation in CD Speed 2000 - That’ll tell us if it burns PCAV or if it’s still ZCLV!

Ok thanks for the info!

Just to make sure though, when I do this command, is it safe? i.e. it just basically reads and makes a copy?

And I’ll do that speed simulation here shortly!

Edit: Oops! Where exactly do I find CD Speed 2000? Did a Google search, though it finds results,I only see a link to download CD Speed 99?

Well, did the test with CP Speed 99 and it says Z-CLV.

Some more info…

Wrote a 650MB+ file @ 40x on a TDK 24x (CMC Magnetics) CD.

I’m having loads of fun so far!

You can donwload cdspeed here. Current version is 0.85e (although the page says something different)
And reading with MTKFlash is absolutely safe.
I got my LTR-40125 with Firmware ZS03 and have updated to ZS0A. Never heard of ZS08 before.

mine was also equipped with zs08, already upgraded to zsoa, now waiting for zs0d!

I think we will immediately get informed here, when Liteon finally releases ZS0D. :cool:
Hopefully OC-Freak will expand his firmware-section with firmware for our beloved 40125S - that one is still missing. Anybody here, who is able to cancel his holidays? :stuck_out_tongue: