LiteON LTR-40125s - ZS0K

Im wanting to update my drive to either a faster one or a better one but ive read through a load of postings on these forums & nothing seems to sink in :o
Can anyone plzzz plzzz help me out…

You can overclock your LTD 40125S to LTR-48125W w/ the VS08 firmware.

Make a boot disk and put the VS08.BIN and mtkflash.exe file in that boot disk. Restart system w/ boot disk in floppy drive.

Once you get to the A:\ type in


Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4:

1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave

Make sure you read the mtkflash readme file first, write down where your 40125S is located, and that no dics is in the drive before you flash. And of course, always have a good floppy disk for the flash. File you’re looking for is here.

Aha so you mean it’s just like updating your bios?
Co’s ive just done that too about 1 hour ago so i can fit an XP2200 in it…lol

If its just like updating your bios then im well away & Thanks alot But is that the highest & best i can go or will i be able to get it to the 52x when its out or a faster RW speed???

Well i did it guys & thanks for your help - All of you on the other pages too who contacted me with info on how to do it…
LTR40125S to LTR48125S I’ll let you know if i burn it out or summat…
Knowing my luck it’ll only last about another week & ive only had it about 2 week :eek:

Has anyone any ideas on how i can make windows Me upgrade cd stop asking me for a previous version when i install it I do have windows 98 also that i insert when it askes me to but i would like to know if theres a way of bypassing the insert previous OS just so it saves messing around… :smiley:

@Mad Max,

Do a forum search for “window flashers” and you will find many references to the modified window flashers that will allow you to go up and down to any firmware WITHOUT leaving Windows.