Liteon LTR 40125S trouble

My liteon CD writes has suddenly started to give me trouble.After succesfuly burn a image with Alcohol120% it just doesn´t recognize blank CDs anymore ,I can´t also burn multisession disk because thought it can read them ,when I try to burn it doesn´t also recognize the disk…
The message says: No media in burner
I´ve tryed with another HD I have in my PC (With its own OS) but with no success so I´m afraid that formatting is not the solution.I have also upgraded firmware to the latest version but again with no success.
It reads without any problem any kind of disks.

Whats the firmware revision you have installed in your burner? And maybe what your system setup is might help.

Firmware ZS0R.But the burner already wasn´t working BEFORE I installed new firmware.
MB: KuDoz 73/333 Via Apollo KT266A chipset(Last Via Drivers intalled AFTER the burner give up burning :frowning: )
AthlonXP 2000
Pioneer DVD
Unknown HD
As you can see by my knowledge I´m a newbie,:wink:
I hope you can help me but anyway thanks for your answer.

The drive may have failed. If that is the case, then you’ll need to purchase a replacement. One thing that most people don’t realize is that all optical drives fail in time as do most any type of computer component with moving parts.

Well unless “most of the people” I´m aware that this could be the case.But if it is ,and there´s no option but purchasing a new burner.I´m in trouble because I can´t afford it.
That´s why I came here asking for help trying to repair my old burner…And wishing it was a software problem.
How can I discern between a mechanical failure and a software failure?You´ve been not very illustrative in your answer…

Well,working again and even quicker :confused:
I don´t know what happened but it suddenly started to work again…thanks anyway